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To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!



This week we will be continuing with our work adding and subtracting decimals and then moving on to recap on the properties of numbers. Watch the video first (by using the link below and finding the correct video), after this complete the worksheet and check your answers once you have finished. 


There are fluency questions and 'creative challenges' to complete if you would like some extra maths to do. Remember to only do as much as you can - these activities aren't compulsory.  

Fluency - five arithmetic questions a day

Friday - 30/4/2020

Today we are going to recap on the properties of numbers. You may want to watch and complete the lessons on square and prime numbers, multiples and factors and common mutliples and factors first.

If you have an adult available to play with you, using the 100 square (available to print out below) take it in turns to give each other the property of a number. You can cover up to three numbers at a time that have this property and the aim is to get four numbers in a row whilst trying to block your partner. You can have a row of four numbers vertically, horizontally and diagonally. Think carefully and be strategic!


A few ideas:
• Multiples of ..
• Factors of …
• Common multiples of ..
• Common factors of …
• Prime numbers
• Square numbers
• Odd/even numbers between … and
• Numbers which are divisible by …

If your grown-up needs to ask what these properties mean have you got a clear concise definition with an example? Could you create a poster?


An example to get you started:

Player 1 chooses the property mutliples of 4 and covers these three numbers (8, 16 & 48)

Player 2 then chooses prime numbers and covers 7, 17 and 47 so they have blocked off player 1 in one direction!

What property would you choose next as player 1? 

Thursday - 30/04/2020

Today we will be subtracting decimals with different numbers of decimal place. Again, remember to think carefully about place value and line up each digit correctly. 

Thursday Maths Creative Challenge

Find 5 different cuboids in your home. Without measuring, order the boxes from the largest volume to the smallest volume.

Now calculate the volume of each box (you will need measuring equipment such as a ruler or tape measure if you have these). Was your order correct? 


You can calculate the volume of a 3D shape by mutliplying height x width x depth. 

Challenge: Can you design a cuboid that has a volume less than 8000cm³?

Wednesday - 29/04/2020

In today's lesson you will be adding decimals with a different number of decimal places. Lining up your numbers and checking you have the correct place value is key here. 

Wednesday Creative Maths Challenge

If you know the whole is 90. What other facts can you find? Make a fraction chain similar to the one below that has been done for the number 80.



Can you include decimals in your chain?

Tuesday - 28/04/2020

Today, we will be subtracting decimals with the same number of decimal places

Tuesday Maths Creative Challenge

Order the following calculations from easy to hard:
35 x 14
78 ÷ 6
16 x 25
45 x 9
23 x 8
26 x 50
3600 ÷ 40
75 x 4

Can you find at least three ways to solve each calculation? Which calculations can you solve mentally? Which calculations would you need a written method?

Monday - 27/04/2020

Today, we will be adding decimals with the same number of decimal places

Monday Maths Creative Challenge

  • How long does it take you to do 25 star jumps?
  • Do you think you could do more star jumps in 2000 seconds or 200 minutes?
  • How many star jumps can you do in 200 seconds? (You will need to measure this)
  • How many could you do in 400 seconds? (Do you need to measure this or can you estimate?)
  • If you jump at the same rate would you do more star jumps in 10000 minutes or in 4 days?


*Remember there are 60 seconds in 1 minute

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