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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!


Welcome to Maple Class!

Maple trees are glorious trees which come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Each tree is unique, much like the children in Maple Class. We nurture everybody's abilities because we understand children's differences. A very warm welcome to the Maple Class page! Please check this page regularly to see photos and examples of some of the fantastic work and activities pupils have completed in class. Use the stars below to find out more information regarding homework and class letters. We look forward to this year and cannot wait to work alongside the children!

Mr Dalton, Miss Greenwood and Mrs Allies.


Science Week

This week has been British Science Week! The theme of the week was 'Our Diverse Planet'. In Year 3/4 we did a large round robin of activities between the three classes.


In Laurel


The children made paper boats and saw how many weights they could fit in without it sinking. The children had fun exploring the different ways they could distribute the weight and competing to see whose boat would last the longest.

In Oak


The children explored their own bodies. They did taste tests after exploring their taste buds, some children found of they were 'super tasters' and some found out they were 'non-tasters'! They also draw around their hands to compare with their peers and also looked at their fingerprints and eye colour. All of this was linked to their individual identity. 

In Maple


We had a mini round robin of our own. The children had a go at categorising different species of animals from different habitats. We also have planted some flowers in some water with food colouring, we will explore what has happened at the end of the week. Additionally, they created their own water cycle inside a jar using hot water and ice cubes, this actually formed rain inside the jar! The next activity saw the children looking at how a polar bear keeps warm. They covered their hands with lard (inside a bag to save greasy fingers) and put them in cold water, they noticed that their hand didn't get cold at all! Finally, the children explored geyser hot springs and how they erupt due to the build up of pressure from gas. We filled a film cartridge case half full with water and added half an Alka-Seltzer tablet to make a reaction, we then put a lid on it to build up the pressure and then...POP!


World Book Day!

Today has been a fantastic day where the children and staff have been sharing lots of stories! Our aim was to share 100 stories throughout the school and Maple Class did our bit by sharing nearly 20! We designed our own characters (which you can see below) to use in our Friday Write tomorrow.


Art Day

Knowledge: Using recycled plastic to create artwork inspired by sea-life.


LO: To explore how to keep safe on the internet

Knowledge: Following the theme of 'free to be me', our e-safety week focus, the children completed tasks related to keeping safe on the internet. Focusing on internet usernames and profiles.


Topic Homework Presentation

Knowledge: Showcasing the children's home learning by giving them the opportunity to present it to their peers throughout the year group.


LO: To perform a dance from around the world

Knowledge: Using elements from African, Indian, Cheerleading, Salsa and Irish dances to perform a pieces following the beats of the music.


LO: To compare different types of soil

Knowledge: Conducting an experiment to see how different soils absorb water differently.


LO: To explore length and perimeter

Knowledge: Using concrete resources, the children went outside to complete a series of Maths challenges relating to length and perimeter.


Year 4 Dance Festival

Knowledge: Rehearsing and performing a range of dances from around the world, consolidating what we have been doing in PE.


Lacrosse Taster Session

Knowledge: Giving the children the opportunity to try a sport that they may not have had a go at before.


LO: To present a piece of art related to our new topic 'Mountains and Rivers'

Knowledge: Working in teams, the children needed produce a large piece of artwork using silhouettes and collage rivers.


Roman Banquet Day

Knowledge: To make bread and to gain more of an understanding about Roman cuisine and culture. 

Happy Christmas Jumper Day from Maple Class!


LO: To create shadow puppets using a light source

Knowledge: Making shadow puppets and presenting a performance using a combination of opaque and translucent materials with a torch.


LO: To multiply using the grid method

Knowledge: Understanding when it is appropriate to use the grid method and how to use it effectively.


LO: To investigate materials as insulators of sound

Knowledge: Seeing how different materials could be used to insulate sound by seeing which one reduced the sound of a drum the most.

Investigating sound insulators - the experiment in practice

Still image for this video


Eye care, we care day

Knowledge: Understanding a bit more about what people with visual impairments experience on a day to day basis.

Experiencing what it's like to be blind

Still image for this video


Visit from an author!

Knowledge: Listening and comprehending a number of stories written by the author Simon Taylor.

The elves are here! And they have brought Maple Class a gift!

Times Table Rockstars!!


LO: To understand what the different Roman Gods represent

Knowledge: Gaining an understanding of who the Roman Gods are and what they are the Gods/Goddesses of.


LO: To decorate a Roman pinch pot

Knowledge: Finishing off their pots to give the children a feeling of achievement and being able to give them a finalised piece of DT work o be really proud of.


LO: To investigate different methods of measuring perimeter using different units of measurement

Knowledge: Making use of a variety methods which all have their own units of measurement. As long as the units of measurement are equal, you can use them to measure.


LO: To find the missing lengths in a rectilinear shape

Knowledge: Using other lengths within the shape to calculate the missing lengths and deciding whether they need to add or subtract the lengths given.


Bhangra Rave

Knowledge: Exploring different cultures through the medium of dance.

Bhangra Rave

Still image for this video


Friday Write

Knowledge: Demonstrating prior understanding and creativity to write a text about our chosen stimulus.


LO: To design and make a Roman pinch pot

Knowledge: The children had the opportunity to design their own pinch pot based on a Roman clay pot and then used their designs to make a pot of their own.


LO: To investigate how sound is made

Knowledge: Using different sources of sound we investigated how vibrations are made and the links this has to the sounds we hear.


LO: To appreciate thought and feelings

Knowledge: With links to anti-bullying week, the children discussed the important of friendship and what makes a good friend.

This week is anti-bullying week. To kick things off we had a big class discussion about friendship: why it's important and how to be a good friend. Following this, the children were given a 'friendly' sheet and an 'unfriendly' sheet along with some pictures. They needed to show what they knew by cutting the pictures out and sticking them on the correct sheet. It was a nice activity to begin anti-bullying week with a very important message.


Remembrance day

Knowledge: To remember and respect the people who have given their lives for this country

At 11 o'clock today, just after assembly, the whole school had 2 minutes silence. We learnt about the meaning of remembrance in assembly and heard a remembrance poem written by a 14 year old boy! After this, we heard a song played on a cornet called 'The Last Post'. Our two minutes silence gave us the opportunity to think deeply about the men and women who so bravely fight and have fought for our country. 



Knowledge: To develop an understanding of riding bikes and how to do so safely in public.


LO: To create a Roman style mosaic

Knowledge: Using their new found knowledge of mosaics to create a piece of their own related to the Romans and our school.


LO: To present our topic homework

Knowledge: Showcasing the work we have done at home to engage with our playground topic


LO: To identify the origin of rugby union

Knowledge: Researching online and processing information


Kempsey cafe

Knowledge: Community engagement and conversation skills


LO: To compare countries participating in the rugby world cup

Knowledge: Discovering facts about various countries around the world


LO: To add using column addition

Knowledge: Using this particular method to add 4 digit numbers together


LO: To polish and present a persuasive letter

Knowledge: Editing own work and confidence in public speaking


LO: To investigate how germs are spread

Knowledge: Developing a range of techniques in order to stop the spread of germs


LO: To examine seed dispersal

Knowledge: Using practical methods to be able to name different methods of dispersal

In Science, the children continued to look at plants. Today, they explored seed dispersal and the different methods that help seeds to scatter in order to grow into new plants. There were four main methods of seed dispersal: wind, explosions, animals and water. We focused on wind and animals this lesson and used practical methods to secure our understanding. We went out and scattered some seeds around the playground, much like some animals would (e.g. squirrels). We also made gyrocopters to replicate dandelion seeds which are dispersed by wind. We went out and saw how the wind carries them to different location. The children had a lot of fun exploring this area and learnt a lot from the experience.


Tennis taster sessions

Knowledge: Developing an understanding of tennis and listening to instruction

We had an exciting visit from a man called James. He was a tennis coach from Kempsey Tennis Club. He delivered a fantastic tennis taster session to give children the exposure to new sports that they may not necessarily have had a chance to try yet. The children all followed instructions really well and enjoyed themselves thoroughly. James was here to promote an open day on Saturday 28th September at Kempsey Tennis Club, a letter went home with the children with more details. See the photos below.


LO: To research and present effectively

Knowledge: Powerpoint presentations and information about a chosen country

This week, in Geography, the children did some cross-curricular work. We got the laptops out and the children obtained a deeper understanding of creating powerpoints. It was fantastic to see how quickly the children developed their skills. They needed to do some web searching in order to find out about a selected country's climate, wildlife, geographical location, population, cities and landmarks. The countries that they could choose from are all featured in our 'playgrounds' book, which is the driving force behind our current topic. You can see some of the children working below. When they are finished, we may even put them on the webpage for you all to see! 


LO: To create traditional playground games

Knowledge: Using outdoor resources to apply prior knowledge

In relation to our current topic, 'playgrounds', the children had an exciting visit to forest school this week. They had the opportunity to create and play their own traditional playground games using anything they could find in forest school. We saw children playing hide and seek, hopscotch and many many more! The children (and staff) had a great time and we hope to visit forest school again for some more outdoor learning experiences soon. You can see some photos of the afternoon below.


LO: To explore the parts of a flower and pollination

Knowledge: Using a 3D model to consolidate the lesson content

In Science, we have been exploring all things plant related. We have explored the parts of a plant, germination and pollination. In relation to this, the children were able to explore their creative side and design their own flowers. These designs came fitted with their very own stigma and stamen. This was to help reinforce the children's understanding of the parts of a flower. You can see the finished results below, along with our new Science display!


LO: To use place value effectively

Knowledge: using equipment to support our mathematical understanding

Welcome to a new school year at Kempsey! The year has started well and in Maths, the children have explored presentation and we have begun to look at place value. Below, you will see how the children have used concrete resources to support their understanding and they have all done really well so far!

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