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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!



Welcome to Laurel!


Welcome to our class page! Please check back regularly to see the exciting things that we have been getting up to and to see examples of the children's excellent work.



Collection from Sports Day and church!


Children can be collected straight after Sports Day (on Tuesday 16th after KS2 Sports Day) and also after the Church on Friday 19th. Please let Miss Beswick, Mrs Judd, Mr Smith or the school office know, if you are planning on picking up your children after one, or both of these events!


Creating pattern stamps

Skill: To create simple patterns


Today in Art, we continued to look at clothing and the different patterns on them. We looked at how lots of clothes have recurring patterns and we then talked about how these are put onto clothes. We discussed printing as a technique and how this can be used to add pattern. The children created a number of patterns in their sketch book, chose their favourite one and turned it into a stamp using a polystyrene tile. We used rollers to add colour to them and used them to print our patterns onto paper.

Fractions museum

Skill: demonstrating understanding


Today in Maths, we demonstrated our understanding of equivalent fractions by creating a fraction museum. The children were given the fraction 'three quarters' and they needed to represent this in as many ways as they could, using different objects and equipment. It really challenged the children's thinking and we saw some fantastic, imaginative ways of representing the fraction.



This week we have launched our final topic of the year 'Fashion'! Over the next four weeks, we will be exploring fashion through history, the importance of clothing to different cultures and material choices, amongst many other things. 


We started our day by thinking about our favourite t-shirts and what makes them special to us. The children were then set the challenge of designing and decorating a t-shirt which linked to one of our previous topics. We were so impressed with the children's creativity and original ideas and also by their excellent team work and sharing! We finished our day by showing off our new t-shirts to other classes in school, with a catwalk show.

English - 25.6.19

Over the past week in English, we have been creating character descriptions, all linked to a pair of shoes!


The children were provided with a range of shoes from football boots and muddy walking boots, to ballet shoes and flippers. The children created a character that they believed might wear these shoes and used the descriptive devices that they have learnt this year, in order to produce some well thought-out and imaginative character descriptions.


Today, we have started to create a narrative, based on our characters. Watch this space to see the finished products...

India's character description!


This half term in PE, we have been learning the rules and skills involved with rounders! This week, the children have been practising their throwing and catching skills (linked to fielding). We have also taken part in a rounders match, which was great fun!

Topic homework presentation!


We completed our 'Time and Place, Earth and Space' topic with a presentation of all of our excellent topic homework. We once again, gathered together with Oak and Maple classes to show off our adverts, space helmets and astronaut adverts (amongst many other things!). It was amazing to see the hard work that the children have put into their learning, at home and the children enjoyed looking at each other's achievements. 

The Thinktank!


Today it was the time to conclude our topic ' Time and Place, Earth and Space' with a fantastic trip to the Thinktank museum! The day involved us walking around exploring the different activities in each level. The children worked together to create electrical circuits in order to power a mini, we saw a huge train and a real spitfire and also a range of different animal fossils! We explored how different engines have worked and got to see a real-life space suit! We then went to the planetarium where we looked up into the night sky and identified the different constellations. We also saw what it would be like to be on the surface of the Moon, the Sun and Mars. 


An exciting day was had by all!

Maths Day!

Today (24.05.19), we took part in Maths Day. This involved all of the year 3s and 4s moving between the three classes to complete a range of Maths activities based on the book 'How much does a ladybird weigh?'. The children in Laurel class were given a range of number sentences, but the numbers were replaced with the animals from the book. The children were gradually given clues in order to decipher the number linked to each animal; they could then use this to solve a final clue!

Science - seasons 

This week in Science, we have been exploring how the seasons come around by using a torch to represent the Sun and a globe. We noticed how the Earth spins on its axis, rather than straight. We then explored how the tilt of the Earth affects our seasons. When we are tilted away from the Earth, it is winter and when it faces towards the Sun, it's our summer!

The Great Barrier Reef display - part 1!


Over the past 2 weeks we have been learning about the Great Barrier Reef and the dangers it is facing due to global warming and single-use plastics. The children then designed their own coral reef displays, which will be turned into one big display, using single-use plastics to create an underwater, colourful coral reef! 

Translating shapes - 16.5.19


In Maths this week, we have been looking at co-ordinates on a grid. We have drawn axis, plotted co-ordinates and thought about movement of co-ordinates on a grid (left, right, up and down). 


Today, we went outside and created a large grid, with an X and a Y axis. We then plotted points on our grids and turned them into a shape. We learnt how to translate this shape by thinking about how many spaces it moved on the grid. 

Yoga - 8.5.19


For PE this week, we worked on our balance, strength and concentration by carrying out yoga stretches and movements. Some of the moves were really difficult to hold and used a great deal of co-ordination. It was also very relaxing and calming!

Top Trumps! - 3.5.19


In Science this week, we have been finding out more about the planets, as part of our new topic! We used iPads and books to research different facts about them (including how big they are, how far they are away from the sun and how long it takes them to rotate once), we then turned our facts into Top Trumps cards. As you can see below, the children created some fantastic cards and they had great fun trying them out afterwards!

Topic Launch Day! - 29.04.19


We have started this half term with an exciting Topic Launch Day, to introduce our new topic, 'Time and Place, Earth and Space'. Our day started by learning all about the planets in the Solar System, we then drew giant solar systems, thinking carefully about the size of each planet and the order of them, from Mercury to Neptune. 


In Laurel, we then talked about the size of stars. Some of us thought that maybe there were lots of little stars in the universe, some thought that maybe it was little balls of gas and others believed they might be star shaped rocks. We watched an amazing video which showed that our sun is a star and that some stars are so much bigger than our sun! (you can watch it below!)


In the afternoon, we found out how far away each planet was from the sun, in miles. We then scaled this down to cm and created scale models on the playground. We couldn't believe how far away Neptune is from the sun!

Star Size Comparison

Welcome Back!


Welcome back to the Summer Term. We hope you had an excellent and relaxing Easter break and are ready to start your final term in year 3 or year 4!

Testing our paper boats!


In D.T. this week, we created paper boats, thinking about ways in which we could make them float. We then went to forest school and tested them, seeing which would stay afloat between two given points on the stream!

Laurel Class Assembly!


Over the past few weeks we have been rehearsing for our class assembly all about 'transportation inventions that changed the world!'. We linked our assembly to all of the things we have been learning about, this half term. The children did a fantastic job of learning their lines and performing with confidence! Thank you to everyone that came to watch, the children thoroughly enjoyed performing to you all!

Paper Copters! 1.4.19


In Science this week we have been looking at the forces 'gravity' and 'air resistance'. We talked about how air resistance acts differently depending on the size and shape of an object and we then discussed the benefits of air resistance!


The children were set the task of modifying a paper copter in order to increase the air resistance acting upon it! We discussed how to make our test fair by dropping our copters from the same height and by using a stop watch to time them. We then tested our copters to see which fell to the floor, the slowest.


Can you see how we modified our paper copters?

Testing our paper copters in Science

Still image for this video

Testing our paper copters in Science

Still image for this video

English 25.3.19 - 29.3.19

Should the Concorde be reinstated?


This week in English we have been considering the question, 'should the Concorde be reinstated?'. We started the week by researching the Concorde and finding out some amazing facts about it (e.g. did you know that Concorde could fly from the UK to New York in 3.5 hours?). We then spent Tuesday debating whether we thought it should be reinstated or not. The children were able to share their ideas and points of view, sensibly and showed great reasoning skills. We then started to plan a persuasive letter to the CEO of British Airways, persuading him to either reinstate the Concorde or to keep it in retirement!

Science - 25.03.19

This week in Science we have started our latest Science Topic 'Forces and Magnets'. We started this topic by investigating how magnets work and finding out which sort of materials are magnetic. We firstly predicted which materials would be magnetic, before using a range of magnets to test objects around the room. We compiled our results into a table and then wrote a conclusion, based on our findings. 


Many of the children predicted that all metals would be magnetic and were surprised to find that some things made of metal around the classroom, were not!

Science Week! - 11.3.19 - 15.03.19

This week was British Science Week and to celebrate, we have taken part in numerous Science activities throughout the week. On Wednesday, the whole of year 3 and 4 took part in a 'round robin' day in which the children experienced three different science investigations.


Bottle Rockets - 

With Mr Dalton, the children thought about air pressure and water pressure, filling their bottles with water before attaching it to an air pump and watching it fly across the playground. The children discovered that the bottles with the least amount of water in them, travelled the furthest.


The journey of ice - 

With Miss Graham, the children looked at ice and how it moves and melts in water. The children thought about icebergs and investigated how water resistance stops the ice from moving too quickly. They also noticed that when the ice (which had added food colouring) melted, the colour sank to the bottom and then rose again as it warmed up!


Lunar Rovers - 

With Miss Beswick, the children watched Lunar Rovers travelling on the surface of the Moon. We talked about how different the Moon is to Earth and what special features the Lunar Rover might have to make it suitable to drive on the dusty, bumpy surface. The children then designed and created their own Lunar Rovers with the objective of creating a vehicle which could safely carry an 'astronaut' over a bumpy surface. The children tested their Lunar Rovers, strapping in a cup of water to see how steady it could drive on a surface similar to the Moon's.


World Book Day! - 07.03.19

Today we've had great fun dressing up as characters from our favourite books. We had Harry Potters, Hermione Graingers and Draco Malfoy (it was almost like being at Hogwarts!). We also had rabbits and a cat, characters from David Walliams' books and plenty more! 


We had a fantastic day sharing our costumes, creating book marks and bunting of our favourite characters and of course, reading plenty of books! 

Maths - 04.03.19

This week in Maths, we are looking at data handling. We started the week by making a whole 3/4 pictogram, based on our favourite colours. We collected a tally and then represented our data in different ways.

Science - 01.03.19

This term in science we are focusing on the topic of 'light'. This week, we have been looking at how light is reflected and how an image is are flipped when we see it in a mirror. The children completed three different activities, using mirrors to reflect light. One of these activities was 'mirror writing', in which the children had to write their name, solely by looking at the reflection in the mirror. The children then also attempted to write their name so that it appeared the right way up, in their mirror!

Creating our own inventions - 26.02.19


To launch our new topic 'Inventions that changed the world', the children designed and created their own imaginative inventions from machines that can do your handwriting for you, to robots that tidy up your toys! 

Inventions that changed the world!


This half term, we are starting our new topic, 'Inventions that changed the world'. Keep checking back to see what we get up to!

Topic museum! 

This week, to finish off our 'Scavengers and settlers' topic, we created a museum in the hall to showcase our home learning! Maple and Oak classes joined us and then we all walked around to look at each other's work. We were all very impressed with the children's efforts and as you can see from the pictures, there were some fantastic creations!

Design Technology - February 2019

This half term, we have been designing our own Stone Age houses. We researched what these houses looked like and what materials they were made from. We then thought carefully about the sorts of materials we might use to make our own model Stone Age houses. We looked for objects in forest school and we also bought things from home which we then turned into amazing settlements!


Can you tell what materials we have used to create our houses?

Year 4 Dance Festival - 5.02.19

On Tuesday 5th February, year 4 attended a dance festival at Hanley Castle High School. We learnt 3 different dances (rock and roll, street and 'pompom') which we then all had the chance to perform at the end. Everyone had a great time and it was wonderful to see the children working so hard and persevering with the tricky dance moves!

Forest School - 25.1.19


This week, Laurel class went to Forest School as part of their topic 'Scavengers and Settlers'. The children were given the target of creating a stone age style hut, using just the things around them. The children worked brilliantly as a team and built some excellent houses. 

Forest School!


On Friday 25th January, Laurel will be going to forest school to create Stone Age huts and to consider how the people in the Stone Age would have created tools in order to build them!


The children will need to bring a set of clothes with them that you don't mind getting muddy! they will also need sensible, waterproof shoes (wellies would be perfect!).

Topic Launch - Scavengers and Settlers 


This week (14.01.19) we started our newest topic with an exciting launch day! Our day began in the hall with Maple and Oak classes, all of the lights were switched off to show us what it would have been like for the scavengers and settlers in the stone ages, living with no electricity.


We then looked at cave paintings and found out how they were created, when they were created and why. (Did you know...experts believe that people in the stone age used cave paintings as a way of communication?) We used what we had learnt about cave paintings to create our own, whole-class, giant cave paintings!


The rest of the morning was spent carrying out our own research, in groups (using iPads and books) in order to create our own stone age fact-files! 

Watch this space!

This week, Laurel, Maple and Oak classes are starting our newest topic


'scavengers and settlers'


Watch this space for exciting updates, photos and examples of our work over the coming weeks!

Perimeter! - 11.1.19


This week in Maths we have been looking at measurement. Today, we have been choosing our own measuring instruments to find out the perimeter of different shapes. 

An inspirational visitor! - 10.1.19


This week (on 8.1.19) we were visited by Harnaam Kaur. She is a remarkable person who spoke to us all about how she was bullied in school due to having a beard. She taught us that it's important to be ourselves and to treat others with kindness. The children were intrigued by her story and asked some mature and thoughtful questions and shared some great thoughts, such as:


"It's what's on the inside that counts, it doesn't matter what we look like."


"You should always say nice things to other people because unkind words might stick with them."


"It's important to love yourself for who you are ."


You can see the video which we watched, below, to see how hurtful words affected Harnaam and about why it's important to be kind to others.

Welcome back!


Welcome back to school and Happy New Year! We hope that you've had a lovely break and are ready to learn. 

The Digestive System


As part of our Science lesson this week, we have been looking at the digestive system. We started the lesson by learning about the different organs in our digestive system and about where our food goes after we swallow it. We then planned and carried out a (gross but fun!) investigation to visualise how the digestive system works. 


We added crackers and bananas (food) into a plastic bag (stomach) and added in water (saliva) and orange juice (stomach acid). We then mushed the contents of the bag up to represent how the stomach begins to digest our food. From here, we moved our churned up mixture into tights and squeezed out the liquid to show the function of our intestines. We had a great time investigating the digestive system and we have learnt lots about the organs involved!



Today (4.12.18), we have been looking at coding in our computing lesson. We went on to the website 'lightbot' (which you can visit by clicking here) and created codes in order for the robot to light up tiles. We saw lots of different skills being used and the children showed great resilience, problem solving and team work. Sometimes our codes didn't quite work out as planned meaning that we had to 'debug' our algorithms. 


You can see some examples of our work below!

Perseverance pays off in computing!

Still image for this video

Solve it, create it, draw it, explain it!


In Maths over the past two weeks we have been practising our reasoning skills by completing 'solve it, create it, draw it, explain it' activities. This gives the children a number sentence (e.g. 8 x 3 = ) or a problem which they then need to solve, create using concrete objects (such as counters, cubes, bead strings, etc.), draw mathematically and then explain/ reason how they know their answer is correct.


We saw lots of creative ways of 'creating it' and some excellent reasoning too!

Enrichment afternoon!


This Friday (23.11.18), we started something new called enrichment afternoon! For this, we were split into different groups and joined together with children from other classes in KS2 to do something which we wouldn't usually get the chance to. Some of us tried map reading, others learnt about mindfulness (and did chocolate meditation!) and another group did orchestra! The children who stayed in Laurel class learnt about languages. This week we focused on counting to ten and saying how old we are, in German.


We all had a great time learning new things and we're looking forward to our next enrichment afternoon!


Chocolate Launch Day!


What a fantastic day we've had! We came into school this morning to find a golden ticket and a letter attached to the board. The letter was from Willy Wonka and said that due to the Oompa Loompas going on strike, he needed Laurel, Maple and Oak classes to create some new chocolate bars! Of course we were quick to agree and got straight to planning our delicious designs. 


The classes joined together in the hall where we melted dark, milk and white chocolate before putting them into molds and carefully selecting some delightful fillings.


For the rest of the morning, we designed wrappers for our chocolate bars which were all based on Wonka bars. During the afternoon we wrote recipes so that the Oompa Loompas can copy our designs!  



In English this week we have been looking at the animation 'Treasure' (watch below!). We have been focusing on the character in Treasure and creating our own character descriptions about her. On Thursday (25.10.18) we used hot-seating to ask the character more questions about herself and her life. To do this we watched how the lady moves and acts and we then each took it in turns to act as the lady and also to ask each other questions. 

Science - Animals including humans


This week, we started our newest Science topic, 'Animals including Humans'. Over the next few weeks, we will be looking at (amongst other things) what animals need to survive, food chains and what organs and bones we have inside us. To start this topic, we started to think about our organs, what they're called and whereabouts they are inside us. We drew around someone in our group and then added in some of our organs.

Storytelling Festival trip!


On Tuesday 16th October we had the opportunity to go to the University of Worcester to take part in their 'Storytelling Festival'. As part of this trip, we got shown around the Infirmary and we learnt all about the University Campus' past as a hospital. We then listened to the author 'Steve Cole' talking about and sharing some of his books. He had us all laughing with his tales about superheroes and how the characters in his books came to be.

Active 10!


This year we are starting each day with 'Active 10'. This involves us using different pieces of apparatus to get moving and to wake ourselves up ready to learn. This week we have been using ladders. 

If this is the answer, what is the question?


This week in Maths we have been exploring written methods of addition,  with a focus on using partitioning and the column method. Today, the children were given the answer to a Maths problem and they had to come up with what the question might be. The children worked creatively, and challenged themselves by adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing! 

Using personification in English


This week in English we have been looking at the poem 'Budapest' which uses personification, describing the pen as a 'strange animal foraging for grubs and insects'. Using this poem as our inspiration, we have been describing places from around the world, including Times Square, New York. See some of our fantastic descriptions below.


Look at this video to find out how to use personification. Can you think of any sentences that use personification?

creating self portraits and practising our shading skills!

In Art lessons we have been practicing our shading skills. We then created self portraits and portraits of each other, applying the shading to add depth.

Making a circuit in Science.

Still image for this video
This week, we have been creating circuits in Science. The children learnt how to make a simple circuit and then experimented with adding different components such as buzzers, extra wires and switches. Here is one of the circuits that was created!

Making circuits in Science

We have had a brilliant start back to school! Over the last two weeks, we have been looking at a school-wide topic which focuses on children's rights. We started our topic by seeing what children's rights might be like in Zimbabwe, Syria, Macedonia and Thailand, compared to England. We then wrote persuasive letters to the UN, convincing them to help children who don't have the same rights as we do. 


In Maths we have been looking at place value, we have estimated numbers on a number line, identified how many thousands, hundreds, tens and ones a number has and we have started to look at Roman Numerals. 


In our topic lessons we have been exploring inspirational people from the past, finding out how they've affected people's rights. We've also compared Kempsey to other places around the words, as well as sketching images based on our rights. 

Laurel Class Academic year 2017 - 2018

A week in Laurel Class (11.6.18 - 15.6.18)


This week in Maths we have been looking at measures and carrying out lots of practical activities. We have been estimating how much something weighs, using our capacity skills to create potions and converting measurements. To finish off the week, we took part in 'The Great Kempsey Bake Off!'. Each table was given a recipe and a set of ingredients. They needed to use their knowledge of measures to carefully weigh and measure the amounts of each ingredient, in order to produce the best cake. The cakes were then judged by Mrs Williams and Mrs Stubbs, who has a difficult job as all of the children had worked so hard. 



A week in Laurel Class (4.6.18 - 8.6.18)


This week in English, we have been writing non-chronological reports on an animal, making sure that we include headings, subheadings, effective adjectives and paragraphs. In Maths we have been looking at data analysis. We have collected data and created bar charts and line graphs. We have also been answering questions about data and comparing it too. 


In Science this week, we have continued to look at the plank kingdom, comparing leaves and discussing the different types of plants in the world. 


In computing, we looked at how the internet works. We found out that when someone searches for something on the internet, the data is broken down into tiny packets of information which is then sent to different servers, through fiber optic cables. We discovered that the speed that this information is sent at, is so fast, that the packets of data can go to California and back, in a second. We then chose which part of the process we were going to be and we stood together to model these packets of data travelling from one place to another.

A week in Laurel Class (14.5.18 - 18.5.18)


This week in computing, we started to create a fact file all about Laurel Class using Microsoft Word. The children learnt how to open a word document, how to create a title and they then started to add text using the 'text box' tool. We also found out how to 'undo' and 'redo' and we experimented with changing the colour and font style of the text.


On Wednesday afternoon, the year 3 children in Maple and Laurel class had a visit from The Blue Cross. Jason spoke to us about how to take care of a range of animals including dogs, guinea pigs, hampsters, mice, horses, cats and many others. He spoke to us about how to approach dogs that we don't know (after asking their owner for permission), suitable foods to feed to animals and how to train a dog using a 'clicker'.


On Thursday afternoon, In our D.T. lesson, the children were given a task to create a way of transporting water and food from A to B (which was 4m in length). The children could use push and pull forces and had to transport the water or food without losing any. The children had the chance to look at the resources available and then plan their transportation. Everyone worked very creatively, using trial and error to improve our designs. We then demonstrated and explained our designs to some of the children in Elm class. 

A week in Laurel class (8.5.18 - 11.5.18)


This week in Laurel Class....


The children have been continuing to practice their Netball skills in P.E. We have been using the 'overhead throw' along with the 'bounce pass' and 'chest pass' to pass the ball. The children then played mini netball games, using their passing skills.


In R.E. this week, the children learnt about Ramadan. We looked at Islamic patterns and then created Ramadan Lanterns using these patterns. 


In Maths, we have been focusing on fractions. On Tuesday, we created a 'fraction museum' in the classroom, using different resources to represent different fractions. We have also been finding equivalent fractions and identifying fractions of shapes.


On Friday this week, the whole school took part in the 'Friday write'. The children could choose a room they wanted to go in to depending on which genre they'd like to write about. In Laurel class the genre was 'Space' and so the children from KS2 who chose this genre, wrote about anything to do with space, whilst a live-stream from the International Space Station was playing on the board (we saw the world from the Space Station, different parts of the Space Station and even some astronauts on a space walk). Please check back soon for some examples of the children's Friday writes.

Please Note

Please find below this week's homework (Friday 11th May). Due to issues with the school's photocopier today, children will not be able to receive a paper copy of their homework until next week. The weekly letter can be found on our 'Class Letter's' page above.

A week in Laurel Class (30.4.18 - 4.5.18)


This week in Science, we tried moving jelly cubes using chop sticks. We then coated the cubes in oil to see how it effected the friction.


In Computing, the children created codes in order to make a cat follow the mouse. 


We had an extra, exciting History lesson this week in which Mr Gaston taught us about the Roman Army and the children had a go at creating a Roman battle formation called 'The Tortoise'.

Practicing Netball skills in PE

Laurel Class sharing ideas about our new topic 'Different places, similar lives'

This week in Maths, Laurel class have been practicing times tables through a game called 'hit the button'. Click here to play the game at home!

Laurel Class using Forest School to gather ideas for English - 23rd April 2018

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