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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!


Welcome to Laurel Class!

For centuries, the Laurel Tree has been used to symbolise success and achievement.

Its leaves were often formed into crowns and awarded to victors during Ancient Greek and Roman times. They were once thought to inspire creativity, perseverance and dedication.


Much like the Laurel Tree, we hope that the children in Laurel class will demonstrate perseverance and resilience, this year, in order to achieve their own goals!



Laurel Class is a year 4 Class taught by Miss Beswick and Miss Foster.

A virtual German lesson! - 14.12.2020 and 15.12.2020

This week, we had two virtual German lessons from Miss Axenbeck who is back home in Germany! It was so exciting and the children had lots of questions for her about Germany, her Christmas traditions and food! Miss Axenbeck taught us about some German colours and we learnt to sing 'Oh Christmas Tree' in German!  

Practicing division on the playground! - 10.12.2020

Today we practiced the division skills we've been learning, through an outdoor game! The children were given a division number sentence and they had to show their working out, using a range of different objects, from dienes to chalks and bean bags. The only catch was that they could only fetch one item at aa time, this meant that there needed to be lots of discussions and collaborative working.  

Pictures, Paintings and Photographs!

Our latest topic is called 'Pictures, Paintings and Photographs'. We started this topic with an exciting Topic Launch Day. For this, we began by finding signs of autumn around school and taking photographs of them. We then learnt how to edit these in order to alter the sharpness, colour and size of the image. Following this, the children turned their photograph into a pencil sketch and finally, they used water colours to paint their image.

Science - Healthy teeth

Knowledge - To explore ways to keep teeth healthy

To demonstrate understanding of human teeth


In Science over the past half term, we have been looking at 'animals including humans'. This has involved us learning about the digestive system and also exploring the teeth of different animals, their names and functions. 


In today's lesson, the children explored ways to keep their teeth healthy and they produced amazing, informative posters. They also added information on the names and functions of the different teeth that humans have. 


After the lesson, the children walked around, writing feedback on each group's work.

Forest School - Celtic settlements

Knowledge - To explore how the Celts built their homes


Today, year 4 had great fun in forest school. To begin with, the children looked at Celtic settlements and explored how the Celts created their homes. We then used this knowledge to create our own Celtic houses using sticks, mud, leaves and everything else we could find! 


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