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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Keeping a growth mindset

Positive thinking

What happened that made Mojo so embarrassed? What are the facts?


Mojo tells himself a story, imagining what his friends think of him.

What is the difference between the story he tells himself and the facts of what actually happened?


Why might the made up stories we tell ourselves make us sad?

What really happens when the story you tell yourself takes over?


 Think about a time a bad story took over for you.


What can you do to fight a bad story?

Why is the phrase “What if…” so powerful in this situation?


What positive stories have you told yourself lately?


What positive story can you tell about the rest of your day right now?

Moods and attitudes

How was Mojo feeling about the field trip? How do you know?


Have you ever been in a bad mood? What happened?


Let’s name some feelings words that can help us name our moods, do they all fit neatly into good or bad? Are there some words that are easier than others to sort?

What does it mean to be the pilot of your own emotions?


What does the bus driver mean when he says, “you could sit there and complain about the weather, but you have a choice”?


Think about a time you were in a bad mood. What did you do to steer yourself up into sunnier skies or down deeper into the storm?

How does Mojo check his attitude indicator?


If you’re in a bad mood, how can you steer your plane into a good mood?


You may not be able to control what happens to you, but what can you control?


What is The Dip (learning pit)?


Think of an example of when you were in The Dip (learning pit)?


What kind of emotions might you feel when you're in The Dip (learning pit)?

How can we stay positive?

What should you do when you make a mistake?


What will happen if you continue to make mistakes?

Try using the word ”neuron” in your explanation!


Think of an example of how you can get out of The Dip?

Have you ever escaped The Dip yourself?

How does it feel to escape The Dip (learning pit)? Can a person enter it more than once?


Often, we want to be the best at what we are doing.

Instead of comparing our success with others, what kind of attitude can we have?


What does the phrase ”failing is simply learning new ways to improve” mean to you?

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