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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!


In Maple, pupils receive new spellings to learn each week and will be tested on the following Friday.


They will also be assigned weekly Maths homework related to the work we have done in class that week.


Maths homework is set on Friday and due in the following Wednesday.

Spellings - Week commencing 13/5/19


Year 3 Year 4
air                                                          gardening                                                       
fair visited
hair limiting
pair benefited
stair opening
flair galloped
chair targeting
despair carpeted
heir magnetism
bear masterful

Spellings - Week commencing 8/4/19


Year 3 Year 4
ruin                                                          bandage                                                       
cruel language
fluent village
fluid damage
brutal average
judo image
jupiter encourage
ruler message
ruby cottage
super garage

Spellings - Week commencing 1/4/19


Year 3 Year 4
suppose                                                          particular                                                       
surprise peculiar
therefore perhaps
though popular
thought position
through possession
various possible
weight potatoes
woman pressure
women probably

Spellings - Week commencing 25/3/19


Year 3 Year 4
fur                                                            science                                                         
blur scene
surf scent
curl muscle
burn fascinate
turn scintillate
hurt schedule
burst scissors
curve crescent
church discipline

Spellings - Week commencing 18/3/19


Year 3 Year 4
hiding                                                            architect                                                         
piled character
wiped chorus
biker Christian
finest mechanic
shiny orchestra
timeless technical
drying chemical
replied technique
frying chasm

Spellings - Week commencing 11/3/19


Year 3 Year 4
vital                                                               cryptic                                                             
virus cynic
title bicycle
quiet physics
tidy analysis
diary anonymous
private hysterical
pirate mysterious
minute symmetry
island rhythm

Spellings - Week commencing 4/3/19


Year 3 Year 4
iron                                                                 gym                                                               
riot crypt
ivy crystal
direct gypsy
final mystic
item mystery
pilot symbol
silent abysmal
minus hypnosis
diet oxygen

Spellings - Week commencing 25/2/19


Year 3 Year 4
popular                                                       amazement                                                      
possible amusement
therefore gracefully
heard distasteful
earth remorseless
early priceless
learn explosiveness
increase defensiveness
quarter protectively
straight evasively

Spellings - Week commencing 11/2/19


Year 3 Year 4
rude                                                           antidote                                                              
rule antiseptic
June anticlockwise
flute antisocial
capsule antibiotic
resume automatic
dilute autograph
salute automate
include automobile
intrude autobiography

Spellings - Week commencing 4/2/19


Year 3 Year 4
juice                                                           illegal                                                               
bruise illegible 
cruise illogical
fruit illegitimate
suit irregular
choose irrelevant
loose irresistible
lose irreversible
whose irresponsible
who's irreplaceable

Spellings - Week commencing 28/1/19


Year 3 Year 4
acute                                                         disagree                                                             
perfume disappear
fortune disobey
accuse distrust
obtuse disgrace
volume disorder
abuse disable
amuse dislike
costume discomfort
module disorganised

Spellings - Week commencing 21/1/19


Year 3 Year 4
due                                                          minority                                                              
queue complexity
cue electricity
rescue equality
value university
issue activity
continue security
argue density
few continuity
dew eventuality

Spellings - Week commencing 14/1/19


Year 3 Year 4
acorn                                                        discussion                                                          
blatant permission
bacon expression
taken possession
able mission
stable magician
basic politician
fatal musician
label electrician
tasty optician

Spellings - Week commencing 10/12/18 


Year 3 Year 4
they                                                         information                                                          
grey decoration
prey sensation
obey preparation
survey creation
vein  situation
reign quotation
neighbour agitation
weigh donation
sleigh starvation

Spellings - Week commencing 3/12/18 


Year 3 Year 4
type                                                         centre                                                                  
tyre accident
style century
rhyme certain
cycle circle
dynamite decide
python exercise
hyphen medicine
paralyse recent
analyse special

Spellings - Week commencing 26/11/18 


Year 3 Year 4
open                                                         knight                                                                  
over knife
robot kneel
total knuckle
token knead
zero wreath
hotel wriggle
poem wrinkle
protect wrestle
cocoa wry

Spellings - Week commencing 19/11/18 


Year 3 Year 4
cold                                                        dangerous                                                             
bold hazardous
hold prosperous
sold poisonous
told joyous
host mountainous
most scandalous
post ponderous
roll marvellous
stroll thunderous

Spellings - Week commencing 12/11/18 


Year 3 Year 4
some                                                        vicious                                                                 
come precious
done delicious
gone tremendous
shone enormous
love generous
one conspicuous
lose fabulous
move horrendous
improve incredulous

Spellings - Week commencing 5/11/18 


Year 3 Year 4
robe                                                            young                                                                  
rode touch
joke country
broke cousin
pole couple
role courage
hole double
whole trouble
home southern
bone nourish

Spellings - Week commencing 22/10/18 


Year 3 Year 4
loan                                                              picture                                                                
moan future
groan nature
coach temperature
load mixture
toad creature
loaf lecture
soak structure
cloak pressure
road treasure

Spellings - Week commencing 15/10/18 


Year 3 Year 4
genes                                                         decision                                                             
theme division
scene television
these version
athlete occasion
concrete conclusion
compete confusion
delete tension
supreme explosion
complete invasion

Spellings - Week commencing 8/10/18 


Year 3 Year 4
even                                                           action                                                               
equal question
behind direction
begin competition
defend collection
depend mention
secret protection
deserve reaction
prevent auction
depart reduction

Spellings - Week commencing 1/10/18 


Year 3 Year 4
pretty                                                        whale                                                               
bury wheel
berry white
busy whack
beauty whine
agree whiff
coffee wharf
toffee whim
key where
donkey whisk

Spellings - Week commencing 24/9/18 


Year 3 Year 4
speech                                                      phone                                                                
feed graph
need photo
seed dolphin 
weed trophy
bleed phrase
greed sphere
speed orphan
feel triumph
heel phobia

Spellings - Week commencing 17/9/18


Year 3 Year 4
reach                                                         ready                                                                 
teach already
beach pleasant
lead       weapon
read weather
leaf heavy
leave instead
weak breakfast                                                     
speak heaven
heal        dread
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