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Kempsey Primary School

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Home Reading Support

Below is a link to our school 'English' curriculum intent and implementation (including reading).

Ideas to help create an effective reading session at home


Front Cover: 

  • Look at the front cover together, can your child locate the title, author, and illustration? 

  • Can they guess what the story might be about from the pictures/illustrations? 

  • Can they segment and blend the title? 


Inside the book: 

  • Adults can ask them to sound out the phonemes on the inside of the first page (not in all books). This will help children practise what phonemes are highly likely to appear in the story. 

  • Can they tell you what they think is going on from the pictures?  

  • Can they identify the phonemes we have already learnt in school on each page? 

  • Can they segment and blend some words in the book? 

  • Are they able to say the tricky words? 

  • Adults can ask questions throughout the story – e.g. why do you think they look sad? What do you think could be happening to this character here? Before we turn the page, what do you think could happen next? 


At the end of the story: 

  • Retell the story – what has just happened? 

  • Can the they remember the characters names? 

  • What was their favourite part of the story? 

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