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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!


Welcome to Hazelnut!



The Hazel tree symbolises wisdom and learning, and we are confident that these attributes will feature prominently in this amazing class this year! Hazelnut Class is a Year 2 class, and is taught by Mr Ricks and Mrs Kimpton.

Please note, there is no archived page for the Year 2018-19 as this is a new class.

Art Day 25.02.20

Kempsey Cafe with Redwood Class 14.02.20

10th February 2020: Understand what personal information is and that they should never share this with anyone they don’t know. • Know that they should tell a trusted adult if they are upset or worried about anything on a device.

Lacrosse Taster Session 20.01.20

Describe and explain the functions of a seed. WC 13.1.2020

We have been investigating seeds and thinking about their life cycle. We have set up an experiment to understand more about germination. 

Computing - Coding (creating algorithms) 11.12.19

Today we had great fun in computing where we spent time creating simple algorithms using ‘J2 code’. The aim of the task was to plan a route so that the rocket could visit all of the planets!

Science - Investigating how the shape of some everyday materials can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching.

Today we were investigating how some everyday objects can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching. We began by making predictions and then we carried out the testing! We then reflected on which materials were the most or least changeable. 

Week Beginning 25th November 2019 - D&T construct products using cams, levers and wheels.

English - anti-bullying week.

This week in English we have focused on bullying and how we can support each other. We read the story, Monty the Manatee and thought about how he was feeling. We then looked at writing a diary entry and children wrote their own diary entry as if they were Monty!

Science - predicting and testing whether different objects conduct electricity.

Children spent the afternoon identifying different objects and predicting whether they would conduct electricity or not. Once they had identified an object that they thought would conduct they then brought them to be tested by Mr Ricks. Our test involved a simple electric circuit to see whether the bulb would light up when the object was connected to the circuit. 

Discovering Mexico 11.10.2019

The children spent the day working in mixed year two groups exploring the country of Mexico.  The activities were:

  • comparing the playgrounds in 3 Mexico schools to our own.
  • looking at tourist destinations and thinking what they would need to pack, and explaining why
  • tasting Mexican food
  • drawing and colouring the flag finding out what each colour stands for. 

Hazelnut Class Geography Walk 20.09.2019

Hazelnut Class had fun exploring the Physical and Human Geography in our local area this week. We went on a short walk near to the school and the children managed to identify lots of examples of each, and recorded them in their pairs. 

Hazelnut Reading Corner 13.09.2019

Hazelnut Class have had a fantastic time this week exploring their new book corner. The children have enjoyed taking it in turns to spend some time reading a book as well as choosing a book for 'class story time'. 
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