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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!


Welcome to Hazelnut!


Hazelnut class is a Year 1/2 class taught by Miss Simpkin and Mrs Kimpton.



The Hazelnut tree symbolizes wisdom and inspiration! Hazelnuts are used by some people as lucky charms, where they wear hazelnuts around their necks to bring wisdom. 


Please check back here for regular updates and class letters!

Cricket Workshop- 28/06/2021

Today we had a visit from Worcestershire County Cricket who came and did a cricket workshop with us. We learnt about the 4 different key skills needed for cricket. These are throwing, catching, bowling and batting. Have a look at some of the pictures below: 


The Olympics

In class this half term we have started a new topic looking at The Olympic Games. We will be exploring the ancient olympics, comparing them with the modern olympics, and doing some English work surrounding the Olympic games.

Fun-filled Friday- 28/05/21

Today we had a fun filled day with lots of different activities. We started the day with forest school which the children always enjoy. We continued our day by using the instructions that the children wrote with Miss Ringer to make our own fairy cakes! Next we had a Friday write to do, followed by planting our sunflowers into the class planter. Keep an eye out for them next time you are in school. Have a look at some of the pictures from our day below. 

Food Tasting- 21/05/2021


As part of our topic, today we did some food tasting. Some of the food that we tried was strawberries, pomegranate, cabbage, radish, beetroot, spinach and carrots!

The children then rated each of the foods out of 10. Have a look at some of the pictures below:


Fitness Day- 23.04.21

Today we had a visit from Jodie who helped us to learn all about how to keep our bodies and minds healthy. The children first watched all of the Year 1/2 teachers take part in a workout before having a go themselves! See the pictures below: 


British Science Week 2021

This week we have welcomed the children back in to school AND we have celebrated British Science Week. We have done plenty of investigations (see below!) and we are also working on a piece of writing about Amelia Earhart. See the link below to watch a video about her life, using a story that we shared in class. Your child should already know a few facts about her life!

Amelia Earhart: Little People, Big Dreams | Read Aloud Books for Children


LO: To identify materials and their properties 

Today in Science we started our new topic of Materials. We started to learn about the different materials that things are made from and their properties. After looking at different materials in the classroom we then went on a materials hunt around school to see some of the different materials in use! See the pictures below: 


LO: To order events chronologically 

Today we started to look more specifically at the events of the Great Fire. We had some cars with some significant things that happened during the fire on them and then we had to order them chronologically. The class did very well with this! See the pictures below: 

PE- Dance

In our PE lessons we have started the dance module. We started to think about different moves that could be related to different aspects of the Great Fire of London. For example we showed fire by waving our arms in the air, and showed the bakery by stirring a pot. Have a look at some of the pictures below to see our dancing! 



LO: To compare past London with present London 

The children had a look at pictures from past London today and compared them with pictures from present London. They then discussed the different between the two times and started to think about things that could have caused the fire to spread so fast. 

Art- 3/11/20

LO: To create shades of colour

In Art, we thought about different colours related to the Great Fire of London and though about how we can change the colour using paint. The children chose a colour and then added a little bit of white each time to make the colour lighter. See the pictures below. 



This term in PE, we have been looking at team games. We have learnt about some of the different catches that people use when they play netball, and also some other skills such as rolling and throwing in a target! There are some pictures below of what we have been doing! 

Maths- 22/10/20


Today in Maths, we got the iPads out and spent some time setting up and playing on our numbots games! See the pictures below.

Year 2 Maths- 13/10/20


LO: Adding a 2-digit number with a 1-digit number



The Year 2's have been looking at different methods for adding a 2-digit number with a 1-digit number this week! One of the methods that they have used are tens frames to help them with their working out. See some pictures below of what we've been up to! 


The Polar Bear Son 

In class this week we have been looking at a new story, the polar bear son. Click the video below to watch this at home!

The Polar Bear Son

A read aloud of the book The Polar Bear Son, retold & illustrated by Lydia Dabcovich. This is compliant with the 1st grade Ready Reading program and includes...


LO: To identify the continents of the world and its oceans.


Today in Geography, we became continent detectives! First we learnt lots of information about the 7 continents including interesting facts about each of them. After that, we put on our detective hats and used the clues to try and figure out what each continent was and labelled them on our own world maps! 


See below for some of the pictures. 




LO: Identify, name and label basic parts of the human body


In Science, we have started to look at animals including humans throughout our lessons. We have started looking at the basic parts of the human body including some of our organs. We went outside to draw around ourselves and then label our bodies with basic body parts and organs! 

Forest School


Today, Hazelnut teamed up with Beech and Cedar class to venture outside for forest school! Linking to our Science topic, we looked at habitats for bugs. The children were tasked with making habitats for small bugs! The pictures below show some of their creations!

'Here we are'



Our first topic is called Here We Are, named after the book with the same title, written by Oliver Jeffers.  The book will be used to explore life here on planet Earth. If you would like to share this book with your child, click on the link below:



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