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Wolf Pack

Earlier this year we conducted research into Alaskan Wolves as part of our English work. During this you watched a documentary and conducted your own research to write a non-chronological report. 


The Wolf Conservation Center in New York is home to seven elusive packs of critically endangered wolves, including red wolves and mexican grey wolves. By using the link below you can view live webcams of their enclosures and dens.

Some ideas:

  • Observe the wolves for a while, what do you notice about their behaviour, enclosures, packs? Create a mindmap.
  • Sketch an image of your favourite wolf
  • Use the hyper-links on the websites to conduct research into your favourtie type of wolf. Create your own non-chronological report. 
  • Design a den for a new pack of wolves. How will you make it suitable? What will you need?
  • Research about the Wolf Conservation Center and create a leaflet enticing visitors.


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