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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Friday Write

At different points during the year, and always on a Friday, the children will be given a stimulus to look at.  From this stimulus, the children have a freedom to respond however they choose.  The aim in every class is to free up the children and allow them to focus on the pleasure for writing.  Writing will be shared with friends, plus the teacher will have a quick check, to celebrate the parts that they enjoy too.  The stimulus is the same across the whole school. 


After each Friday Write, work will be published on the website.  It is not presented in any specific order, and in some cases names will not be on the work.  Please enjoy the children's ideas and response to each stimulus. 

The stimulus for our first Friday write is a short film called Catch it.  Click on the link above to watch the film.  As you watch it, think about how you might respond and what you would choose to write about. 

Stick and Stone: Friday Write 20th November 2020

The Friday write came at the end of Anti-Bullying Week.  The story, written by Beth Ferry, gave the children a chance to think about bullying and what it means. 


Below is a document with examples of the children's writing across the school.  They are in no particular order but are there for you to enjoy. 

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