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This Is Me



This week we will be using the song and video ‘This Is Me’ from the film The Greatest Showman as the stimulus for our work in English. You may be familiar with the film, but it does not matter whether you have or haven’t seen it.


Task 1:

Look at the image above.

  • What do you notice?
  • What characters can you see?
  • Where are they?
  • How are they all different?
  • How are they all the same?

Now watch the video


Task 2:

Read the text below:

“This Is Me” is a song empowering those who are ostracized by society for being different. It’s a fight song for the underdog. In the scene after Jenny Lind’s performance, there is an after party that the circus troupe attempts to attend, but when they ask to join, Barnum reveals his shame at being associated with them in the midst of the social elite. The Bearded Lady then bursts into song.


Use a dictionary to find the definition of each of the following words:

  1. Empowering
  2. Ostracized
  3. Underdog
  4. Associated
  5. Elite

Challenge: find two synonyms for each word.


Task 3:

50 words challenge – write a summary of what happens in the video in exactly 50 words.



Today we will be using the song lyrics for a reading comprehension exercise. Below you can find a copy of the lyrics, reading comprehension questions and answers.


Today we are going to plan a narrative to accompany the scene from the start of the song. We would like you to write in first person, as if you are the bearded lady (I, me, my, us).


Extra info: Before the song starts, Barnum has slammed the door shut in the Bearded Lady’s, not allowing the circus performers into the hall where he is celebrating. Your narrative will explain how the performer’s feel and what they do next, including marching straight through the doors and into the middle of the hall. You will want to comment on the reaction from the people in there and maybe suggest why and how this makes the performer’s feel.


The song continues on with the performers going outside and then performing on stage. You will not be writing about this, although you could draw the connection, perhaps stating that ‘people always treat us that way’ or ‘they line the streets with placards and lit torches, protesting against our circus’.


You may want to write your own ending or what happens next once they are inside the hall – are they accepted? Are they kicked out? What happens next?


On the document provided below you will find a series of screenshots for you to annotate ideas around.

Think about:

  • Where is the setting?
  • What can you see, hear, smell?
  • Who is in each scene? How are they feeling and why?
  • What is happening? How will you describe this effectively.
  • How can you use ‘show not tell’
  • Simile or metaphors to describe what is happening
  • Could the song lyrics help you?


This session you will write your narrative, using your planning sheet from yesterday to help you.

  • Think about your vocabulary choices, use a thesaurus to find appropriate, ambitious vocabulary.
  • Check for capital letters, full stops and correct use of commas and brackets.
  • Use ‘show not tell’ to create images in the reader’s mind – rather than telling them the lady felt a certain way, could you describe her facial expressions to show the reader.



Today you will be writing up your work in neat. You can do this on the computer or by hand and illustrate your work once you have finished.

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