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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!


Welcome to Elm's Class Page!

Elm Class is made up of enthusiastic Year 1 pupils. Keep checking back to see important messages and what we have been getting up to!


Miss Biggerstaff and Mrs Kimpton

Summer Term

Designing and Creating a Crown!


The children used a range of materials to creatively design a crown fit for a king or a queen. They used all of the skills they have been practising this year and to complete the task independently. The children really enjoyed getting creative and being able to wear the finished product at the end!

Elm Class Assembly - Developing Communication Skills


The children did an absolutely fantastic job on Friday performing for our class assembly. Their voices were loud and clear and they remembered their lines by heart! We retold our favourite book from our topic... There is NO Dragon in This Story! It was enjoyed by everyone throughout the school and parents too!



Research using QR codes


This week, the children have really enjoyed using the iPads to research the needs of different pets. They used the QR code readers to access information from websites independently. They recorded the information they found and the children are going to apply their knowledge to create a leaflet about how to care for a dragon.

Topic Homework


The children have worked so hard on their topic homework over the past few weeks. They recorded the activities in their scrap books and brought in their models. They shared their learning and presented to each other. They are extremely proud of their achievements!



On Thursdays, Year 1 are now going swimming! The children have really impressed us with their exemplary behaviour and independence when getting changed. They are thoroughly enjoying their lessons and we can't wait to see the progress they make. 


Telling the Time


The children have worked so hard this week telling the time to the hour and half hour. They started by putting the numbers on a clock accurately and then drawing the hour and minute hands correctly to show o'clock and half past. They really have become quite the experts!

PE Multi-skills!


This term during Active 10 and PE lessons, the children have loved practising different skills including throwing and catching, hand-eye coordination and hula hooping!

Maths Day


On Friday, we focused on two books that helped us to think about numbers in different ways. The children loved problem solving with the books and they came up with some fantastic ideas about using pictures to represent numbers.

Warwick Castle


On Tuesday, we were lucky enough to go on a trip to Warwick Castle to launch our new topic, which is all about Castles, Dragons and Witches! The children had so much fun learning about the features of a castle, we designed our own shields and saw a fantastic birds of prey display! We were also very lucky with the weather, as it was a beautiful sunny day.

Spring Term

Planting Sunflowers!


This week we have been planting our own seeds and learning all about plants. We have labelled the different parts of the plant, learnt about what plants need to survive and the stages of growth. The children have loved planting the seeds - watch this space for updates as they grow!

Sorting Animals


How can we sort these animals?


The children sorted the animals in different ways and explained their reasoning. They were then given the following questions to prompt their ordering:


Which animals would be the best pets?

Which animals are the most dangerous?


Problem Solving with Shape!


We have been exploring shape this week and the children were given the challenge of making a rectangle using triangles. The children worked together and persevered to find multiple different ways of making rectangles.



The children have really enjoyed exploring capacity and measurement over the past couple of weeks. They used cups to measure the capacity of each container and recorded it in a table. Then, they went on to compare the containers.



Over the next couple of weeks, we will be using Titch as our focus text. We will be looking at how we change and grow over time, as well as looking at the growth of plants too!

Teddy Bears' Picnic


Elm, Chestnut and Ash classes spent Monday morning making sandwiches and cookies for the finale of our Bears topic... The teddy bears' picnic, which took place in forest school. Thank you to everyone who came and spent the afternoon with us.

British Science Week 2019


The children have absolutely loved all of the activities and investigations during British Science Week. We hope to see you at our Science Fair on Friday so we can demonstrate some of the experiments!

Year 1 and 2 mixed up into three groups for the morning to complete two very exciting experiments! They created lots of fantastic opportunities for discussion, especially about fair testing, predictions and justification of opinions.


Sticky Ice


The children were given a piece of string to move an ice cube from one bowl to another. They worked together to try different approaches, including tying knots around the ice cube and lifting the ice cube up by balancing it. 


We then gave the children some salt. They soon realised that this really helps the string to grip onto the ice and they could move it much more successfully!

Walking Water


For this experiment, the children were given two paper cups, some kitchen roll and some food colouring. One cup was filled with water, which they add food colouring to. The children were asked to help the water travel from one cup to the other without pouring!


They used two types of kitchen roll and explored which one was the most absorbent and therefore the best one to use to soak up the water to help it move from one cup to the other. The food colouring was used to help the children to see the water soaking up into the kitchen roll more easily.

Journey Bracelets


In forest school, we made journey bracelets to show how we had moved around forest school. The children stuck different things to their bracelet including seeds, leaves and even pieces of litter! This told a story about where each child had been and what they had found. There were some great discussions around the different types of leaves and seeds in forest school, as well as whether we thought the pieces of litter belong in forest school and what we can do to stop litter.

World Book Day 2019


The children made a fantastic effort with their costumes! They enjoyed sharing stories and exploring their favourite books and authors. Thank you to our lovely parent readers who came in to read stories with the children.

Pancake Day!


The children were so excited about pancake day so we decided to involve this in our learning about weights and measures in maths this week! They used a range of different weighing scales to measure out the ingredients we needed for the pancakes. 


After the children made their pancakes, and tasted them of course, they wrote very detailed instructions. We were super impressed with the quality of their work, especially their presentation!

Bears Dancing To 'Jungle Boogie' | Planet Earth II


One of the questions the children asked at the beginning of our topic was...

'Do bears really scratch their backs on trees?'


To answer their question, we showed them this amazing video from Planet Earth II!

A Den for a Bear...


In forest school this week, we decided to build a den for a bear! We used natural resources such as sticks and leaves to create a warm, dry shelter.

Teddy Bears' Picnic!


This week we looked at the song Teddy Bears' Picnic and added our own sounds using a range of instruments. The children really enjoyed singing and playing the instruments to the beat of the music. We cannot get this song out of our heads now!

Teddy Bears' Picnic.MOV

Still image for this video

We're Going On A Bear Hunt!


The children enjoyed looking for bears in forest school! They acted out the story of We're Going On A Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and found lots of way to go over and under things!




As you might be able to guess, our new topic in Elm Class is all about bears! We kicked things off with the children bringing in their favourite teddy bear. We enjoyed a circle time session discussing why our teddies are special to us.

A Visit from Harnaam Kaur



On our first day back, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Harnaam Kaur, a bearded lady, who talked to us about body positivity and kindness. The children found Harnaam's story extremely inspiring and came up with some fantastic, mature comments after the session. 

 Autumn Term 

Sharing Topic Homework with Our Class Governor!



The children were so excited to show our Class Governor, Cathy Garner, their topic homework projects all about autumn! They had been working on this for a few weeks and were very proud of what they had achieved.

WW1 Medals!


This week we have had a World War 1 focus to celebrate Armistice Day. The children designed and created their own medals, made poppies and found out about the special jobs that different animals had during WW1. 



In maths, we have been looking at grouping objects to prepare us for moving on to multiplication. The children sorted concrete objects into groups, including 2s, 5s and 10s. 

The Nut Tree - Julia Donaldson


This week we have been practising a poem by Julia Donaldson called The Nut Tree. The children worked really hard to memorise the poem. They projected their voices and practised some actions to go with the poem!

The Nut Tree - Elm

Still image for this video

Beeline Festival 2018


We really enjoyed our trip to the University of Worcester on Wednesday for the Beeline Storytelling Festival. Our first session was with an author in the storytelling yurt and the children enjoyed the story of 'The Magic Pot'. Then we had a look around the Royal Infirmary Medical Museum, where the children enjoyed dressing up in old and new medical clothing! Finally, we watched a puppet show of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. The children loved the story and laughed throughout almost the entire puppet show!

Active 10!


Elm Class have been enjoying taking part in an active 10 minutes every morning! This helps us to get our bodies and minds ready for the day ahead! So far we have been practising balancing and throwing bean bags, as well as using hoola hoops. Come back soon to find out what other skills we have been practising!

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