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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!


Welcome to Elm's Class Page!

Elm Class is made up of enthusiastic Year 1 pupils. Keep checking back to see important messages and what we have been getting up to!


Just to note, please see a link below to send you to last year's class page!


Miss Biggerstaff and Mrs James

Art Day 25.2.20 - 'A Plastic Ocean' 


This week we had a whole-school Art Day with the theme of 'A Plastic Ocean'. We collected different types of plastic including recyclable and non-recyclable to use to create sculptures of sea creatures. The children did a fantastic job and created some lovely pieces of work to be displayed around school! 

Paws for Reading 18.2.20 - To read for pleasure


In Elm class, we have been lucky enough to have a few visits from Tracey and her therapy dog, Erik! Erik comes in to our book corner and listens to the children reading their favourite stories. 

Safer Internet Day 11.2.20 - Understand what personal information is and that they should never share this with anyone they don’t know. • Know that they should tell a trusted adult if they are upset or worried about anything on a device.


The children used the Bee Bots to play 'safety snakes'. They discussed and answered questions about internet safety, using their knowledge from activities and discussions we had throughout the week.

Lacrosse Taster Session - 20.1.20



Community Links - Kempsey Cafe - 13.12.19


Elm and Laurel classes hosted the Christmas Kempsey Cafe for local community. As always, it was a great success. The children presented their work and performed Christmas carols for our visitors. They really enjoyed meeting new people and developing their communication skills.

Community Links - Eye Care, We Care Day - 5.12.19


This week,  the children were lucky enough to have a visit from some teachers and students from New College, Worcester. Throughout the day, the children learnt about Braille, the role of Guide Dogs and we played some games using a bell ball, which is similar to the one used in Blind Football. We also wore orange to raise money and awareness for New College, Worcester.

To explore rhyme and poetry - 2.12.19


During our People Who Help Us topic, the children explored rhyme including looking at rhyme in poetry and in story books. The children then used a poem template to help them write their own poem about different people who help us! They thought carefully to make sure the poem made sense and spotted the repeating pattern and rhyming pairs. They then presented their work neatly with any corrections they had edited. 

Trip to the Hive! - 28.11.19


This week, we were lucky enough to go on a trip to our local library, The Hive in Worcester! We had a tour of the children's library and found out about how librarians can help us. We saw the special machine that sorts all of the books when people return them. We also went on a book hunt and spent some time sharing stories with each other. We had a fantastic time and the children cannot wait to go back soon!

To present information - 15.11.19


The children have been working so hard in the continuous provision areas this week, especially in the independent writing areas. These are some examples of the fantastic work that the children have done, all about people who help us and the jobs they do.

Topic Launch! - 8.11.19


On Friday, we had our topic launch day for our new topic 'People Who Help Us'. The children came into school dressed up as what they would like to be when they are older! We had lots of different outfits and we discussed the importance of all of the different jobs and how they help us.

Anti-bullying Week 2019 - 8.11.19


Week beginning 11th November 2019 is anti-bullying week! In school, we will be having a PSHE focus, discussing what makes a good friend and what to do if something is worrying you.

People Who Help Us! - 4.11.19


This half term, we have started our new topic, People Who Help Us! We can't wait to explore the different jobs people do to help us. 

Reading Award - 23.10.19


Congratulations to Henry who won the Reading Award in assembly this week for his fantastic attitude towards reading and trying so hard! 

Sharing and discussing stories - 7.10.19


This week, we have been sharing stories with each other and discussing why we like and dislike them. We found out that lots of us enjoy Julia Donaldson stories!

Subitising numbers in Active 10! - 30.09.19


This week in Active 10, the children were practising recognising numbers on a dice without counting! They then chose an exercise to do the number of times shown on the dice. They really enjoyed working together and getting active in the mornings.

Representing number bonds using the part-whole model! - 27.09.19


This week in Elm class, we have been using the part-whole model to help us with our number bonds. The children have worked really hard to deepen their thinking and we have been amazed with their work!

The Learning Pit! - 23.09.19


This week, we have been discussing and using our learning pit and how it relates to our learning. The children have been giving examples of when they felt like they were in the learning pit and managed to persevere to get themselves out! Well done everyone!

Using natural resources in forest school! - 16.09.19


In forest school, we have been recapping the forest school rules and how they are just as important as our rules in school and on the playground. We have also been using natural resources to create portraits of ourselves. Take a look at the photos below, can you guess who is who?

Identifying one more! - 10.09.19


We used tens frames, counters and cubes to represent numbers and to help us find one more. We spotted that it is just the next number along when you are counting forwards! 

Throwing and Catching in Active 10 - 06.09.19


Every morning this week, during Active 10, we have been practising our throwing and catching skills using quoits. The children have really improved during the course of the week and some of them can even catch with one hand!

Your World, My World! 


Welcome back to a new school year! We hope that you enjoyed your summer holidays, got to spend some time together and enjoy some time in the sunshine! 

Year 1 will be starting off the year with the topic 'Your World, My World' using a school wide stimulus; a book called 'Playground' by James Mollison. 

To start our topic we will be using pictures of playgrounds from around the world to help explore how everybody's lives are different. 

We thought that this would be a good topic to get to know your children better, and for them to get to know us and others in their class!


Click below to see some images from the book that we will be using as a whole school.

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