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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Daily Maths Activities

Maths Activity - 08.05.2020

It's Friday which means another Friday Maths Challenge. This week, as you should have seen, White Rose Maths (who create these challenges) have created a special Maths and cooking collaboration challenge. If you would like to take part and you have the ingredients, watch the video (both year groups' videos are the same) and create your Clue-Dough Carrot Cake. You can then work through the cake worksheet to get you thinking about tangrams.


If you'd rather choose a different activity you can have a go at the 'shapes times shapes' challenge.

Maths Activities - 07.05.2020

Below is today's Maths Activity. Remember to work through the worksheet as best you can, the video for today (Lesson 4) will help you. When you're finished, as always, check your answers.

Year 3 ' Creative at Home' activity

Investigate a digital clock in your house - What time will have the most sections of the clock lit up? - How many times a day will the digit 5 be used? - What time will be shown when the least sections will be lit up?


Year 4 'Creative at Home' activity

Collect information about the sunrise and sunset times in your city on the 1st of each month. Record each time in 24-hour time as this will make the next task easier (sunset 6.34pm – 18.34) Calculate how long the sun is up for each month of the year? What is the pattern that you can see?

Maths Activities - 06.05.2020

Below is today's Maths activity. Start by watching the lesson 3 video for your year group and then work your way through the work sheet. 

Year 3 'Creative at Home' activity

You have an imaginary £10 to spend. Use Amazon or a similar shopping website create a wish list that totals your money. Can you spend your £10 exactly?


Year 4 'Creative at Home' activity

Research temperature at the north pole and temperature at the equator. Collect temperatures for each month of the year. Calculate the difference in temperature between the two places each month. At what point is there the biggest temperature difference.

Maths Activity - 05.05.2020

Below is today's Maths activity. Start by watching video 2 for your year group, then work through the worksheet and finally, check your answers.

Year 3 'Creative at Home' activity

Can you write a problem similar to this? Can your grown up solve your problem based on the clues that you have given them?

Year 4 'Creative at Home' activity

Repeat one physical activity once a day for 7 days (eg. – plank, running on the spot, skipping with a rope) time how long you can do this activity each day. Is there a change in your data? How could you clearly show this data?

Maths Activity - 04.05.2020

Below is today's Maths activity. Remember to start by clicking the link above for your year group, in order to watch today's video (which will be video 1). Work through the worksheet and then check your answers. Remember that there are also 'creative at home' Maths activities which you can complete if you'd like an extra challenge but you don't have to do these.

Year 3 'Creative at Home' activity

Google the nRich problem ‘How much did it cost?’ Work through the problem to see if you can solve it!


Year 4 'Creative at Home' activity

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