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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Daily Maths Activities

This week, the Maths activities follow a similar structure to last half term's. Start by watching the video, then work through the lesson activities. Once you have finished, you can check your answers.


This week, we will again be including a daily 'creative at home' Maths activity. You do not have to do these, but they are great to have a go at if you would like an extra challenge!

Maths Activity - 01.05.2020

Below is today's Maths activity. Like last Friday, today's activity is a family maths challenge. Each question gets gradually harder so you might like to challenge family members to have a go at the questions that you get stuck on.

Maths Activity - 30.04.2020

Below is today's Maths activity. As always, start by watching today's video (which will be video 4) for your year group. Then, complete the activity and check your answers.

Year 3 Creative at Home activity

Work out the perimeter of the different rooms in your house. Which is the biggest room? Which is the smallest room? Which room was the hardest to calculate the perimeter for?


Year 4 Creative at Home activity 

How far can you jump from a standing jump? How far can your grown-up jump from a standing jump? Collect data about standing jumps from as many people as you can. Record this data in a table and in a graph. Create some true or false statements about your data

Maths Activity - 29.04.2020

Below is today's Maths activity. Start by watching the 'lesson 3' video for your year group and then once you've finished, remember to check your answers.

Year 3 and 4 Creative at Home activity (today's activity is the same for both year groups).

Find a recipe for your favourite food. With the supervision of an adult make this dish as independently as you can. Weigh and measure the ingredients, follow the instructions systematically and make sure it is cooked for the correct amount of time and at the correct temperature.



Maths Activity - 28.04.2020

Below is today's Maths activity. Remember to start by watching the 'lesson 2' video for your year group and once you've finished, check the answers.

Year 3 Creative at Home activity

Measuring on yourself or on someone at home collect the data to fill in the grid below. Is there anything surprising about this data? Can you see any patterns or connections?

Year 4 Creative at Home activity

Collect 3 empty bottles together – ideally bottles of different sizes. Using just the 3 bottles that you have found can you investigate what different capacities can you measure? e.g – a 2000ml bottle and a 150ml bottle could measure out 2150ml by combining the two capacities or 1850ml by pouring out of the large bottle until the small bottle is full.

Maths Activity - 27.04.2020

Below is today's Maths activity. Start by clicking the link above and watching the 'lesson 1' video for your year group.

Year 3 Creative at Home activity

Using a ruler or a tape measure find 5 objects in your house that are smaller than 1cm. Can you put these things in order from smallest to largest? Can you find 10 objects that are between 1cm and 20cm. Can you order them?


Year 4 Creative at Home activity

Go on a capacity hunt! Using bottles in your kitchen and bathroom find the different capacities that are written on the packaging. Record all of these measures as both ml and litres. If ml is the unit of measure listed then convert this to litres, if litres are the unit of measure then convert this is ml. Order these capacities from smallest to largest.

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