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To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Daily Maths Activities

Maths Activities 

This week, the Maths activities follow a similar structure to last half term's. Start by watching the video, then work through the lesson activities. Once you have finished, you can check your answers.


This week, we will again be including a daily 'creative at home' Maths activity. You do not have to do these, but they are great to have a go at if you would like an extra challenge!

Maths Activity - 24.04.2020

Today's activity is a little bit different. Everyone is being given the same 'Family challenge'. Some of them you will be able to work out by yourself, using the skills you know. If you come across any that are too tricky, see if someone at home can help you.

Maths Activity - 23.04.2020

Find today's Maths activity below. Remember to watch 'Video 4' for your year group, before you begin, to help you with today's activity.

Year 3 Creative at Home activity

Google nRich ‘National Flags’ Problem Investigate the mathematical features found in flags of the world.


Year 4 Creative at Home activity

Using the conventions of reading co-ordiantes have a go at finding the 8 squares in the nRich problem ‘8 Hidden Squares’ (use Google to find this web page). Write the coordinates of the squares that you have found.

Maths Activity - 22.04.2020

Below is today's Maths activity. Remember to begin by watching 'video 3' for your year group.

Year 3 Creative at Home activity

Google horizontal, vertical, parallel and perpendicular lines. Can you describe what these are to your grown up? Can you find examples of these types of lines around your home? What types of objects do not have parallel lines? Why might you think this is?


Year 4 Creative at Home activity

Using a map that has grid coordinates, find interesting features or locations on your map and write down what grid coordinates these features are in. Plan a day out to visit a range of locations on your map. Write down the coordinates you will visit in the order you would like to visit them. See if your grown-up can get the same list of locations as you by reading your coordinates.

Maths Activity - 21.04.2020

Find today's Maths activities below. Remember to watch the video first! Today you need to find the lesson 2 video.

Year 3 Creative at Home activity

Google the nRich problem ‘Seeing squares’ Play against a friend or the computer to be the first to join two dots together to make a square.


Year 4 Creative at Home activity

Choose a picture from a magazine or from food packaging. Cut this picture in half. Complete the remainder of the picture as if it was symmetrical to the other side.

Maybe choose something that isn’t symmetrical for a different effect.

Maths Activity - 20.04.2020

Just like the maths activities you did before the Easter 'break', start by watching the video for your year group. Year 3s, you need to watch 'Lesson 1 - Equivalent fractions (2)' and Year 4s, you need to watch 'Lesson 1 - Make a whole'.


Afterwards, work your way through today's activity and then check your answers.

Year 3 Creative at Home activity

Draw 20 random lines across a piece of A4 paper. Make sure that these lines overlap.  Colour each section a different colour. What shapes can you see in your picture? What angles can you see in your picture.


Year 4 Creative at Home activity

Investigate your food! 
Nutritional information on the back of a packet tells you details about the item per 100g. Choose one criteria e.g. protein and collect data from 6 different food packages.  
Draw yourself a 0-100 number line and record the data that you have collected on this number line.  
What is the difference between your highest value and your lowest value? 
Repeat for 2 different criteria. 

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