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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Daily Maths Activities

Maths Activity - Friday 27.03.2020


Below is today's Maths activity.


The video you need to watch first today is 'Lesson 5 - Tenths as decimals' (for year 3s) or 'Lesson 5 - Dividing 1 digit by 10' (for year 4s).


On Fridays, we usually spend some time practising our times tables and playing times table games. Why not spend 10 minutes playing 'Hit the button', you could even get other people in your house involved! Who will get the most answers right?  

Maths Activity - Thursday 26.03.2020

Below is the Maths activity for today!


Watch the video first, to help you. Today, you need to find the video called 'Lesson 4 - Count in tenths' (year 3) or 'Lesson 4 - Tenths on a number line' (year 4).

Maths Activity - Wednesday 25.03.2020

Below is today's Maths activity.


Start by watching the correct video for your child's year group (by clicking the link above). This will be Lesson 3 - Tenths (for year 3s) or Lesson 3 - Tenths on a place value grid (for year 4s).

After that, work through the questions and then check your answers.

Maths Lesson - Tuesday 24.03.2020

Below is the maths activity for Tuesday. Year 3s and year 4s have different activities to carry out.


Watch the video first with your child (by clicking the link above), today's video is Lesson 2 - Making the whole (for year 3s) or Lesson 2 - Tenths as decimals (for year 4s). Once you have done this, your child can work through the questions independently.


You can then check your answers.

Maths lesson - Monday 23.03.2020

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