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Daily Maths Activities

The website below provides a variety of different games to practice your fluency. Click on the 'All Maths Games' tab to choose a topic of your choice (such as the 5x table, addition or subtraction)
As this is the final week (13th July) we have gone for an easier week. We are just uploading the White Rose videos and sheets for you to complete at home if you wish. This week will be revisiting telling the time again, which will be useful revision from our work earlier in the year. 
This week (6th June 2020) the children will finish their work on measures looking at volume and reading temperatures.  They will then look at time.  We previously looked at this at the beginning of lock down, but it is such an important life skill, we feel it is worth repeating.  
This week (29th June) will focus on measuring mass.  Feel free to do as much of this as practically as possible at home.  You could bake a cake and ask your child to weigh the ingredients, or you could compare the mass of different objects from both inside or outside of your house.  
This week (22nd June) will focus once again on measures.  Feel free to do as much of this as practically as possible using the outdoors.  You could measure and compare different leaves, measure a bug or two (carefully!) or measure the length or width of different rooms in your house. 
This week (15th June) we will revisit looking at different shapes, including both 2-D and 3-D shapes. We will look at the features of different shapes and then look at ways of sorting and making repeating patterns with them. As usual the links to the brilliant White Rose video tutorials are provided. 

This week (8th June) we will be revisiting and consolidating our work on fractions. This will include unit and non-unit fractions, and then we will learn how to find a half and a quarter. 

As usual, you will find the link to the video tutorials, as well as the additional home learning pack. 

We have decided to follow the White Rose scheme for the current week, so please look at w/c 1st June. This week the children will be looking at sharing, grouping and odd and even numbers. As ever, the White Rose scheme of work includes video tutorials and worksheets.

From the 18th May the children will be reviewing the term fact family as well as their number bonds to 20.  This has been covered at the beginning of the year, but as it is really important to be fluent in this skill, we thought it would be worth reviewing now.  We have used the White Rose scheme of work, which includes video tutorials and worksheets. 


Click on the link below (dated) to see the week's work. There are also links to some online games to practice the skill.  Even if you think you are really good at this, try to improve your speed of recall and try to answer those questions which involve missing numbers,  for example,  12 + __ = 20 or 20 = ____ + 5 .  Why not make some of your own.  

From the 11th May we will be looking at measures.  We will be using the White Rose website to structure the children's learning.  At home try to make it as practical as possible: measure and compare objects around the house, compare objects to a metre and estimate the length of objects before measuring. Below are a few websites linked to measuring. 

For the next few weeks after Easter, we will be looking at fractions.  We will be using the work provided by White Rose.  There will be links to short videos, plus the activities to complete. 


Click on the links to some games which can be used to help teach the unit on time.  It is best not to play a game if the children haven't covered that specific skill yet. 
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