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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Daily English Activities

English Activity - 15.05.2020

Below is a PowerPoint which will tell you all about today's activity. Follow it through and then you can start to create your own biography about someone important in your life!

English activity - 14.05.2020

Below is today's activity and in this lesson, we're focusing on headings and subheadings.

English Activity - 13.05.2020

below is today's English activity. in order to create our biographies of someone important in our lives, we first need to find out some information off them. This is what we're going to be doing in this session. Follow the slides on the PowerPoint to find out more!

English Activity - 12.05.2020

This week, we are writing biographies about someone important in our lives. Before we get started with planning these, we are going to recap on what the features of a biography are so that we know what to include when we write ours. Work through the PowerPoint below and then have a go at your task for today. 

English Activity - 11.05.2020

This week, as part of our new topic 'My Family Tree', you are going to be creating a biography about someone in your family.This will involve using apostrophes for possession. Today we are going to be practising how to use apostrophes for possession for singular and plural nouns. Follow the PowerPoint slides in order to learn more and to find out what today's task is. I have also attached a video and BBC Bitesize page, just in case you need a little more support with this.

Punctuation: Using apostrophes to show singular & plural possession (KS2)

What will I learn? How apostrophes are used to show that something belongs to someone or something.

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