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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Daily English Activities

English Activity - Friday 08.05.2020

Today is the 75th anniversary of VE Day and we are going to be writing our diaries pretending to be a child on VE Day, 75 years ago. Use your plan from yesterday and all of the facts you've learnt about VE Day, to help you with your diary.


Remember to start by writing the date (which would be VE Day, not today's date), 'Dear Diary,' and don't forget to write in paragraphs. If you need a reminder of how to write in paragraphs, I've added a video to help you. There is also a 'Features of a diary' checklist, if you'd like to use it and some pictures of street parties to spark ideas and imagination!

English Activity - Thursday 07.05.2020

So far this week, we have researched what VE Day was all about and we have also looked at the features of a diary entry, ready to write our own diaries. Today, we are going to be planning our diary entry, thinking carefully about the street party we are imagining we attended on 8th May 1945.


Below is a planning sheet (which you can either print out and do straight onto the sheet, or you can write your answers into your Home Learning Book), there is also a ration list which shows the items that were rationed during WW2. I have also attached a brilliant video from the Imperial War Museum that talks about how people celebrated VE Day and all of the emotions people were feeling at the time, these might help you with your diary plan.

English Activity - Wednesday 06.05.2020

Happy Wednesday! Hopefully after yesterday's lesson, you might have a better understanding of what VE Day is and why we celebrate its anniversary. 


Today we are going to focus on the features of a diary entries, which we have looked at before at school, so you'll have a head start! Work through the PowerPoint, trying your best to remember the features as you go. Your task for today is to create a checklist of the features of a diary entry, which you can use to help you later in the week. 

English Activity - Tuesday 05.05.2020

This week, we are going to be writing a Diary, imagining that we were at a Street Party on VE Day, back in 1945. Yesterday, you might have completed the comprehension, which hopefully would have given you some information about VE Day and why i still celebrated. 


In order to write a diary pretending we were there, we first need to get a better understanding of what VE Day is and why it happened, how people might have felt and what might have happened at the street parties. Below are clips to a PowerPoint of information as well as videos. Use these to create a list of key facts about VE Day. Remember not to copy everything, but instead just pick out the key facts. How will you organise your information? You might like to use bullet points. 

English Activity - Monday 04.05.2020

This week in English, we are going to be focusing on VE Day. This week, we celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day and lots of people will be celebrating in different ways.


To start this week, we are going to be completing a reading comprehension, in order to find out some more about VE Day and why it's being celebrated this year. Carefully read the text and then check your understanding by answering the questions. Once you have finished, check your answers, using the answer sheet. There are 2 levels of challenge for this comprehension task. You can either choose to complete challenge level 1 or challenge level 2 (which is slightly more difficult).


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