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Daily English Activities

English Activity - 19.06.2020

Today you have time to finish off your work from this week. If you've finished, why not record your TV news report, just like it would be shown on the TV. 


When you have finished everything, If you would like to complete a different activity, there are some links below to BBC Bitesize English activities.

English Activity 18.06.2020

In English today, you are going to be writing a script for your news report. This is what you can read from, in your TV news report. 


Below is a TV news report script template, which you can use if you'd like, otherwise you can create your own script. Use your plan from yesterday to help you. As you're writing, think of the different types of grammar you could add to your script to make it even more interesting (effective adjectives, similes, fronted adverbials...). 

English Activity - 17.06.2020

So far this week, we have explored the features of a TV News report and we've researched into the rocket launch that happened back in May. Today, we are going to start planning our news report using the facts that you found out yesterday. 


Below is your planning sheet. You should now look through the facts you found out yesterday and write them in full sentences, into the correct part of the plan. Remember, don't just write all of your facts, choose the most suitable and most interesting facts to add.


As part of your TV News report, you will be interviewing someone (this could be someone at home or maybe even you pretending to be someone else). You might decide that this person is an expert, maybe a scientist, someone who helped to build the rocket or it might even be one of the astronauts live from space! You might decide that this person is an eye-witness who was there when the rocket launched into space. You will need to choose 3 questions to ask them, make sure that the questions are interesting and don't just have a 'yes' or 'no' answer. So instead of:


'Did you enjoy watching the rocket launch?'


Where the person will just answers 'yes' or 'no', choose an 'open' question like:


'How did you feel when you watched the rocket launching into space?

English Activity - 16.06.2020

Below is today's English activity. In this lesson we are going to be researching all about the SpaceX rocket launch, ready to plan and deliver our news broadcast.


Work through the PowerPoint to find out more...

English Activity - 15.06.2020

This week in English we are going to be creating a TV News broadcast, linked to the rocket launch from a couple of weeks ago. First of all, we need to look at a TV broadcast and think about what it involves. 


Today, we are going to explore the features of a news broadcast. Look at the work sheet below which explains the different features, then, watch video 1 and tick or cross to show which features that news broadcast included. Afterwards, do the same again with video 2. 

Video 1 - Nightly News: Kids Edition

Video 2 - Newsround

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