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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Curriculum Spring Term

Changing the World

Our new topic is called Changing the World.  During this term we will explore significant people of the past finding out about their lives and what makes them so special.   We will think of key questions and use these to investigate the different famous people as the term progresses.  


Science Week: 9th March 2020

During the week, the children took part in different science activities.  The theme for the week was diversity. The children grouped animals into different categories identifying similarities and differences between them.  On Thursday, we walked around school looking for vertebrates.  We found many in dark, damp places and often buried under leaves.  We used this information to build bug hotels in forest school. 


We also explored the concept of floating and sinking.  The children were set the challenge to see if they could make their bluetak float.  

Week Beginning 2nd March: Inferring characters thoughts and feelings

The children used the pictures and the words in the story as clues.  These clues allowed them to read between the lines. During the final session, the children sequenced the story, and used the images to create an emotions graph. They discussed when the bear was at his happiest and his saddest. 

Week Beginning 2nd March: Sorting 2d shapes

Week Beginning 24th February 2020: Art Day

Art Day: 

  • Use a combination of materials that are cut, torn and glued.
  • Sort and arrange materials.
  • Mix materials to create texture.


The theme for the day was the environment and the plastic that is dumped in the oceans. The children collected and then used all the plastic to create an ocean scene.  They made different sea creatures using bottles as the body.  They used pictures of fishes as a stimulus to help decorate their own. 

Sharing Stories

10th February 2020: Understand what personal information is and that they should never share this with anyone they don’t know. • Know that they should tell a trusted adult if they are upset or worried about anything on a device.

The children produced posters explaining/presenting all the information that they had learned during the E-Safety week in school. 

Week Beginning: 20th January 2020- Florence Nightingale Biographies

The children have spent the last 10 days working on a number of different skills, culminating in them writing their own biography.  They began by thinking of questions they would like to ask.   They used selected websites to research the information.  Having read a few biographies, the children were ready to use the relevant features and write their own biography about Florence Nightingale.  After a little editing, the children presented their writing. 

Week Beginning 13th January 2020: Describe /explain the function of seeds


Having found out about seeds, we thought about its life-cycle.  We set up this investigation to understand more about germination. 

3 Women from History. But who are they?

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