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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Curriculum Autumn Term

How Things Work

Our new topic for the autumn term is called How Things Work. It will focus on the skills: creating , making, explaining and justifying.  The topic will give the children a chance to cover a lot of DT and work through the design and making process.  

Week Beginning 9th December 2019

Sequence sentences to tell a story. 

During this week, and last, the children have been writing their own narrative using the book, The Most Amazing Thing by Ashley Spires as a stimulus. (Click on the link below to hear the story).  In the middle of the story, the girl, who is extremely frustrated because her inventions don't work, is persuaded by her assistant to go for a walk to calm down. The children wrote their own narratives describing where the two could go, and thought about their special places where they can calm down. 


Coding. Control motion by specifying the number of steps to travel, direction and turn.

Week Beginning 2nd December 2019: Exploring How Materials Change

The image above is taken from our science floor book and was put together following our lesson. The lesson began reflecting on our previous work involving chocolate.  The children made their own chocolate sweets.  They realised that a change in temperature melted and solidified the chocolate.  They thought of other examples involving ice and butter.


Following this, they thought about other ways a material could be changed. Having discussed: bending, twisting, stretching and squashing, the children performed many simple tests on different materials, filling in a table of results.  

Science: Exploring How Materials Change

Week Beginning 25th November 2019: D&T Construct products, using cams, levers and wheels.

Week Beginning 18th November: Enrichment Opportunities


This week the children visited the MAD Museum in Stratford Upon Avon.  It is a museum that showcases mechanical art and design.  It is extremely interactive and very hands on.  The children loved pressing the buttons and watching the art come to life.  They looked closely and drew their favourite one and explained how it worked.  

PE: Dances From Around the World- Bhangra Dancing

Anti- Bullying Week (Week Beg. 11th November 2019)

During anti bullying week, we read a few different stories that allowed us to discuss the themes around bullying.  In English, we wrote a diary entry from the point of view of Manatee, about his problems at school.  These will be on-line soon. 


We also drew/wrote the people that we would turn too if we needed support.  Plus we sorted a list of feelings.  The children could decide how to do it.  We talked about their decisions and what the words meant, and how we could tell if someone was feeling angry. 

Dances From Around the World: English Folk

Audrey The Amazing Inventor

We used different parts of the book (Audrey The Amazing Inventor) to make our predictions.  We looked at the front cover and the blurb inside. We also used what we had read so far to inform our predictions.  The children had to design Audrey's new invention. 

4th November 2019: Predicting



To kick off the year we are going to be taking part in a whole-school topic, using 'Playground', an extraordinary book by James Mollison which is a collection of photographs from playgrounds across the world. We will be exploring the images and using them as a prompt for discussions. We will identify similarities and differences between the pictures and compare them to our own playground. There will be a heavy geography focus as well as challenging children's knowledge about what it would be like to live in these countries. 



Images from the book, Playground by James Mollison

25th October 2019: Creating a Collage

This weeks post (18th October 2019)  can be found in the topic homework section of the class page.  There are some photos of the children sharing their topic homework. 

The children spent the day working in mixed year two groups exploring the country of Mexico.  The activities were:

  • comparing the playgrounds in 3 Mexico schools to our own.
  • looking at tourist destinations and thinking what they would need to pack, and explaining why
  • tasting Mexican food
  • drawing and colouring the flag finding out what each colour stands for. 

Discovering Mexico

Mexico Posters: research, constructing sentences and presenting writing

During the first part of the autumn term, the children have been developing their drawing skills.  They have been exploring patterns, lines and shading.  Here are a few pictures of the children's work from, Ellia, Beth and Mia.

Drawing Skills: Creating textures through pattern

The children went on a walk around the surrounding area from school. As they walked, they thought about which features they could see. They were surprised at the number of physical features they found; especially the corn field. We stopped at two different points to record our ideas.  This was also the first stage before we begin to map our surrounding area. Can you work out where we went?

Identifying Human and Physical Geography

We began in maths by looking at counting and place value.  The pictures show the children using a variety of equipment to explore tens and ones.

Tens and Ones

We began our science topic looking for all the materials used in our playground.  The children were given a blank grid to fill in which they could organise themselves. We then went over to our gym.  The children had to identify the material again, but also explain why they think the material is suitable and has therefore been used. Here are some pictures of the children in action. 

Identifying Materials and their Properties

The children looked at the playground in Bolivia.  They tried to put themselves in the children's shoes and think what it would be like to be there. Having looked at adjectives and the senses, the children wrote a descriptive paragraph about the Bolivian picture.

Bolivian Playground Writing: Using Descriptive Techniques

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