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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Class Letters



Dear Parents and Carers,


This week we have continued with our video stimulus of ‘Home Sweet Home’ and have moved on to writing a setting description. The children have explored the senses and expanded noun phrases to help them with their writing. In Maths we have revisited place value where we have explored partitioning numbers up to and beyond 1000. In Science we have continued to explore plants and this week we have focussed on how plants absorb water and what they use it for.


Next week we will be completing assessments to get a baseline of where the children are currently working. This will help us to plan further lessons to ensure all children are learning the topic or knowledge being taught. In Science we will be continuing to explore plants, in PE we will put the two passes we have learned into action and in Music we will start to create our own piece using a mixture of instruments and body percussion. We will also be heading to Forest School on Thursday next week so we kindly ask children to bring their Forest School kits in for then.


Just a reminder, our PE sessions will be on Tuesdays so please may children have their kits in ready for then. We recommend that children keep their kits in until half term to ensure that they do not forget to bring it in.


Our weekly homework goes out every Friday; we do ask children to bring it in for the following Wednesday in their homework books as this gives the staff enough time to mark it before it goes back out. Children are expected to keep their spelling sheets at home, so that they can continue to practice after handing in their homework.


Walking around to the other playground, home or with another adult


Please can we remind parents and carers that we need a written or verbal note from yourselves expressing that your children can walk around to the other playground, home by themselves or with another adult.


Thank you for your continuing support!


Mr Dalton and Miss Greenwood



Dear Parents and Carers,


A warm welcome back to the new school year – we hope you all had a restful and enjoyable summer holidays. It certainly did fly by!


We have hit the ground running, despite it only being a three day working week. The children have watched a short video called ‘Home Sweet Home’ and used the landscapes they can see in the film to help write character and setting descriptions as they mirror the emotions the houses are showing. They also completed a Friday Write style piece of writing. In Maths we have focussed on two presentation lessons to reiterate to the children what is expected of them this year. In Science we have explored the parts of a plant as well as taken a walk around the school to see what plants we have on site as well as whether or not they have the best living conditions to flourish. We have played some trust games along with Laurel and Maple classes, investigated continents and countries in Geography and finished the week by sketching our playground.


We are having a school wide topic to start the year off which is ‘playgrounds’. We have a wonderful book to refer to which shows images of playgrounds from around the world which highlight the key similarities and differences as well as encourage the children to be grateful for the area we have to use.


Next week we will be continuing to deliver presentation lessons within the main focus as we wan the children, from the word go, to take pride in their books. We will be starting with place value in Maths and we will be continuing to explore plants and the environment they need in order to flourish.


Food bank

At KPS, we have a Food Bank which is available for all members of the community.  This was started last term and, already, many members of our community have benefitted and we hope they will continue to do so.  However, the Food Bank is running low so at the start of this new academic year, we are asking for donations to re-stock this Bank.  Donations of the following items would be very gratefully received in school:  dried pasta, tinned food, soup, jams, cereal, squash, tea, coffee or hot chocolate, and household items such as cleaning products, toilet paper, toothpaste and soap.  If you can donate even just one item to this very worthy cause, we would be so very grateful.  Please send items in with your child.  Thank you in advance!


Walking around to the other playground, home or with another adult

It is important that we know which children have permission to walk around to the other playground, home or with another adult. Please can you write a note and send in as soon as possible to let us know this information.


Pencil Cases

Children do not need to have a pencil case with them as the school provides all equipment they will need for their learning.


Thank you for your continuing support!


Mr Dalton and Miss Greenwood
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