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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!


Welcome to Cedar Class!

Welcome to our class page, a place where you can find out what we have been learning!


Above is a link to our class letters. Here is where you will find all the information about what we have been getting up to and any important messages for the coming weeks. 


It is so great to have everyone back! 



From Mrs Crosby and Mrs James

Heart Rate Monitor

21/06/2021 L.O. To investigate changing heartrate

Thank you to Mrs Edwards who leant us a heart rate monitor! We used this to investigate what happened to our heart when we exercised. It was fantastic to check our resting heart rate and then what happened when we exercised for a minute at a time. We also discussed WHY our heart rate increases. 

The Ancient Olympic Games Vs The Modern Olympic Games

14/06/2021 L.O. To recall facts 

This week we continued on our Olympic Games topic. We explored the facts about the Ancient and Modern Olympic Games and tried to sort them in a Venn Diagram. This activity created a lot of discussion between the children and reasoning about where they would put their facts in the diagram.

'We are the Super Humans!'

07/06/2021 L.O. To celebrate our differences and achievements

To start off our Olympic Games topic we shared with the children a trailer from the Paralympics. The children really enjoyed watching this and really appreciated the amazing things that the athletes could do! It was a great way to kick off our topic. 

We're The Superhumans | Rio Paralympics 2016 Trailer

Sam's Sandwich!

19/05/2021   L.O - To write a set of instructions

This week the children have been loving our class story of 'Sam's Sandwich'! The children love the gross addition to Sam's sandwich and we decided to create some instructions to create our own disgusting sandwiches. Some suggestions were eyeballs, spiders, slimy slugs and crunchy centipedes! I would be careful if your child ever offers you a sandwich to eat.....

Read aloud! Sam's Sandwich by David Pelham

Class Pictograms

10/05/2021 - L.O. To ask questions and use a keyboard


This week in computing we have continued looking at pictograms. Instead of creating a paper copy we created a pictogram on Purple Mash. Once we had created our own the children asked questions about a pre-made pictogram. They used the keyboard to ask their questions. They did really well! Here are a sample of some of the questions they asked. 

The Pea and the Princess - Storm Description

06.05.2021 - To write descriptively. To use adjectives

This week we have finished our reading of The Pea and the Princess. We finished off our learning by writing our own descriptive narratives about when the princess arrived at the door. We were so amazed by the children's writing. You can see some of it below!


Class Pictogram

26/04/2021 - Pupils use illustrations to create a simple pictogram


We asked the question 'Which is the most popular way to travel to school?'.

We collated our answers in a class pictogram. We then asked questions to explore the pictogram further such as 'Which was the most popular way to travel to school?' and 'How many children ride their bike to school?'

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds with Jodie

23/04/2021 - Master Basic Movements


We had a lovely visit from Jodie who spent the day taking PE sessions with each class. The children took part in lots of different activities, raising their heart rates and being thankful for their bodies. 

The Great Grub Club!

19/04/2021 - To observe closely and answer questions


To start our new topic 'The Great Grub Club' the children took part in a carousel of activities. They investigate a range of plants including ginger, lemon, aloe vera and orchids, to see what they already knew about plants. They also planted their own sunflower seed and drew their plate of their perfect meals! 

We are really looking forward to this topic and seeing where our food comes from. 

Amelia Earhart Biography 18/03/2021

The children wrote a final biography about Amelia Earhart using the facts that they had recalled from the week. 

Amelia Earhart Recalling Facts 17/03/2021

Using the key words from the lesson before, the children recalled the facts that they knew about Amelia Earhart and wrote them down in full sentences. They will then use these sentences in their final biography.

Amelia Earhart Keyword Writing 16/03/2021

In preparation for writing our biographies for Amelia Earhart, we focused on key words and facts from her life. This simple activity lead to the children being able to recall a lot of facts about her life.


British Science Week 2021

This week we have welcomed the children back in to school AND we have celebrated British Science Week. We have done plenty of investigations (see below!) and we are also working on a piece of writing about Amelia Earheart. See the link below to watch a video about her life, using a story that we shared in class. Your child should already know a few facts about her life!

Do Taller Children Jump further?


Our Science Week experiment today was based on the investigation of 'Do taller children jump further?' 

We discussed fair tests and recording data. We then explored our results in a table. The results of our investigation showed that taller children do NOT jump further - in fact the group of children who were the shortest in the class jumped the furthest! 

Though why that might be is a question for another day!

Ice Melting Experiment



Today the children were exploring making predictions. We asked the children which ice cube they thought would melt the quickest - one left on it's own, one in warm water and one in bubble wrap. 

Most children predicted that the ice cube wrapped in bubble wrap would melt the quickest. Ask your child about the outcome of this experiment!


Dancing Raisins!


This experiment was a really fun one! We put raisins in still water and then raisins in sparkling water to see what would happen. The raisins in the sparkling water danced up and down - your child will be able to tell you why! 

We then investigated whether different sized glasses had the same effect and different sized raisins.

Amelia Earhart: Little People, Big Dreams | Read Aloud Books for Children

Welcome back to school everyone! 

It has been so lovely to welcome everyone back to school this week! Well done for all your hard work on Class Dojo over the past few weeks. We are really proud of you!

Today we all took part in a 15 minute Santa Dash! The children ran a course of the playground, wearing their Christmas jumpers with a soundtrack of Christmas music! 

We had a great time and it felt so Christmassy! 

The whole school were involved in the Worcestershire Virtual School Games this week. The children were really excited to be involved! They took part in throwing, jumping and running activities. All of their scores were recorded and sent off to a judging panel. I am really hoping some of their efforts are recognised! I will keep you posted. For now here are some pictures that we took on the day. 

Gong Farmer (Worst Jobs in History)

In today's history lesson the children explored some jobs that people would have had in London during the 17th century. The children acted like detectives to read the clues and match it with the pictures of the job. There were definitely some interesting jobs around at that time! If you want to find out a little more about some of the disgusting jobs that were around at that time then click the link above!

This week we observed Remembrance Day on the 11th of November. We had a round robin day where the children went to other classes in the bubble to explore the topic using art and drama. In Cedar class we focussed on the brave animals that were part of the world wars, and made purple poppies in remembrance. 


Our New Visitors!


We would like to introduce to you Miss Emily Griffin (left) and Miss Fearn Jones (right). They are starting their Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) with us until Christmas. We are very excited to have you training with us!

This week the children have started their new science topic - 'Materials'

To start the topic we did a round robin of different activities to explore different materials and their properties. The children already know a great deal so it will be fantastic to build on their knowledge!

The Polar Bear Son

Click the link below to see our work we have been doing using the story 'The Polar Bear Son'. We have been reading the text and answering comprehension questions. The children have loved this story and the happy ending it has despite all the twists and turns in the tale. See the link above if you want to share the story with your family. 

Click below to see some work we have been doing in maths. We have been learning how to use the 'part-whole' model and ways it can help us with our number sentences. 

Can you explain to someone you live with how the part-whole model works?

Click the link below to see some work we have been doing in our science. For the past few weeks we have been exploring animals including humans. Everything we have learnt we have put into a science poster! 

My favourite part of this is how this child has spelt 'tortoise'

Lost and Found By Oliver Jeffers

Click the link below to look at our sequencing work we have been doing around the story 'Lost and Found'. 

You want to view the story for yourself then view the youtube clip above. 

Click the link below to look at the work we have been getting up to science! 

Are you able to tell your parents a fact about the different types of animals you have been learning about? 

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