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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!


Welcome to a new year in Cedar Class!


Welcome to our class page, a place where you can find out what we have been learning! 

Remember, you are always welcome to come and visit our classroom, to see what we have been learning or to hear us read. Just come and speak to Mrs Crosby to arrange the best time for you. 


Also, please see below a link to last year's learning!


From Mrs Crosby and Mrs James

Week Beginning 9/03/2020

to identify and respect the differences and similarities between people

The children have been focusing on differences and diversity in the world around us - including diversity with people and culture. To celebrate our differences the children each made a paper doll which included a range of differences e.g skin colour, eye and hair colour. 

Week Beginning 9/03/2020

To understand diversity

Below is a link to the assembly that was given to the children for the start of science week. It tells the children the theme for the week which is 'Our Diverse Planet'. 


Week Beginning 02/03/2020

Use objects to create prints. Press, roll and rub to make prints. 

This week to children created their own stamps to make prints of rainforest trees. They created the bark using string and the print of the leaves was made using real leaves! The outcome was fantastic and the artwork looked really effective.


Week beginning 24.02.2020

Identify and name a variety of common animals that are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores

A big thank you to Skye and Hazel Shaw for bringing in their minibeasts for us to see! It was a pleasure to meet Shrek the Giant Snail and Moriarty the Millipede, plus your giant cockroaches. The children had loads of great questions and we found out a lot about how Skye looks after her animals. 

Week Beginning 24.02.2020

Control motion by specifying the number of steps to travel, direction and turn

This week the children have continued their work programming beebots. We were coding an algorithm to direct the beebot in different directions. We learnt that the 'cancel' button was important because that makes the beebot forget the previous algorithm.

Week beginning 24.02.2020

Use a combination of materials to make sculptures

Our theme for our art day was 'A Plastic Ocean' the children did incredibly well! They independently made sculptures of animals from the ocean. We then recycled any left over plastic!


Week Beginning 10.02.20

Topic Homework

The children were so proud of the work they did for their topic homework. We had a look at everyone's work and the children chose what they were proudest of! Well done everyone, we love looking at what you get up to at home. 

Week Beginning 10/02/20

Staying Safe on the Internet 

This week we have been exploring internet safety. We read a story about Buddy the dog who had a great story about how to stay safe on the internet! We learnt a song to help us with this. 


Still image for this video

Week Beginning 03/02/20

Thesaurus skills 

The children have started exploring the use of different vocabulary by using a thesaurus. We were ensuring that the children were aware of 'alphabetical order'. The children were encouraged to choose appropriate vocabulary. 

Week Beginning 27/01/20

Trying your very best EVEN when times get tough! 

Just a very quick thank you and well done for being the very best that you could be when we had our ofsted visitors. Just like Mrs Baynes said in assembly, you were so polite and friendly and you showed them how wonderful you really are. You truly shone!

 I feel very lucky to be your teacher.

Love from Mrs Crosby 

Week beginning 20/01/2020

Notice that animals, including humans, have offspring which grow into adults.

In Science we have been exploring animals including humans. This week we have been looking at animals and their offspring. The children were given a range of pictures to sort in various ways and explored the names of these animals. We learnt about hatchings, tadpoles and the names of baby mammals. 

Week beginning 20/01/2020

Listen to and discuss a wide range of punctuation

For our English this week we have been exploring different types of punctuation. In this session the children explored question words and question marks. Some of the sentences hadn't been completed so the children were able to finish them off themselves for that extra level of difficulty! 


Week beginning 13/01/2020

To edit and improve

At the end of this week the children finished off their written work in the style of the Eric Carle book 'Slowly, slowly, slowly, said the sloth'. The children planned what they were going to write and then they edited and improved what they had completed. The children then wrote their work up in neat. Here are some of the completed pieces! 

Can you spot your work? 

Week beginning 13/01/2020

To master a technique 

The children explored colour mixing by creating their own colour wheels. We discussed the primary colours, red, blue and yellow and we explored what new colours we could make with these. The children loved getting messy and experimenting with the different colours!

Week beginning 13/01/2020

Describe the importance for humans of exercise, eating the right amounts of different types of food and hygiene

5 Minute Move | Kids Workout 1 | The Body Coach TV

To get our brains warmed up the class have been taking part in the 5 minute move! The Body Coach, Joe Wicks has some fantastic ideas to get kids moving and active. We have found that the children have been really focused in their maths after taking part in this!

Week Beginning 13/01/2020

To choose appropriate vocabulary

At the end of this week, the aim is for children to write their own version of 'Slowly, slowly, slowly said the Sloth', using a different character! In our English session children explored the verbs, nouns and adverbs that were given to them and they sorted them. Choosing the appropriate verb and adverb for the animal. By the end of the session children were starting to think about how they could write their own version using the same pattern. Some suggestions we had were 'gently, gently, gently slithered the snake along the Rainforest floor'. 

Week Beginning 6/01/2020

Using our imagination!

With our new topic bring 'Rainforests' we made a new role play area for the children. To encourage them to use their imagination we included some rainforest animals and some explorer dress up! 
We have already heard some great use of vocabulary when children have been using this area e.g 'let's go exploring in the Madagascan rainforest'

Week Beginning 06/01/2020

Our New Topic!

In our new topic we will be learning about the Rainforest! Please see above our new topic web to see what we will be learning about.

"Slowly, Slowly, Slowly," said the Sloth - Our New Class Book!

This is the book that we are using to start off our new Rainforest Topic! The final outcome will be the children writing their own version of the story with a new animal.

Happy New Year!

The children have come back from their holidays with such a fantastic attitude - it looks like they have had a good rest! 

we would just like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your generous Christmas gifts and cards - we feel incredibly grateful and lucky. 

A visit from New College Worcester

Week Beginning 02/12/19


Today we enjoyed a visit from Worcester New College, a school for blind and partially sighted students. We wore orange to raise money for the college and all benefited from a 'workshop' with one of the students who shared her experience. The children had a go at moving around using a stick to guide them and tried on some special glasses, which gave an idea of what it would be like to have a range of sight disabilities.

To listen and use imagination

Week beginning 25/12/19


This week we had a visit from Author Simon Taylor. He read us his story, Imogen and Roari the Dragon and then we got to sing a song! We were so interested listening to his story and doing our very best dragon impression! Ask your child to sing the song that they learnt about Roari the Dragon.

Exploring our local library

Week Beginning 25/11/19

The Boy on the Bus by Penny Dale, read aloud by Story Time with Nana

Here is the story that was read to them at the Hive by Sarah and Vanya. They children really enjoyed singing along!

Exploring our local library

Week Beginning 25/11/19

We had a fantastic time visiting the Hive on our trip. Our hosts, Sarah and Vanya explained what their jobs were and how they help people in the library. The children had a tour around the children section and helped the librarians to return some books using their special machine! The children then helped Vanya create a display of different books for the children that visit the library. They had to find books about ducks, dinosaurs, trucks, Christmas and teddy bears. Once they had finished their jobs Sara and Vanya read the children the story of 'The Boy on the Bus' - We had a great time, thank you for having us!

Explore dances and celebrations from other cultures

Week Beginning 18/11/2019

This week the children had an amazing dance workshop with Sohan from Bangra active. The children learnt some of the moves and historical concepts surrounding Bangra dance and they had an amazing time!

Please note!

There is a planned closure on Monday 25th November

How to Draw a Labrador | Golden Retriever Puppy Easy

Draw lines of different sizes and thickness

Week Beginning 18/11/2019

To give some children some practise at drawing we found a video on Youtube of someone drawing a dog. We slowed the video right down and the children had a go at copying it out themselves. Some children were really worried about getting it wrong. We tried to encourage them to give it a go - it doesn't matter if you get it wrong! 

Please see some attempts below and above is the video that we chose to copy - there are plenty more on there for you to try too!

Show an understanding that ones own behaviour affects other people

Week beginning 11/11/19

During anti-bullying week we were really lucky to have a visitor from the University of Worcester. Anita, who is a 'well-being' champion, came to spend time with us to speak to the student about looking after themselves and being a good friend. 

Develop practical skills in order to participate, compete and lead a healthy lifestyle

Week beginning 11/11/19

This week the children enjoyed the year 1 and 2 gym festival at Hanley Castle High School. The children were so well behaved and made some new friends from other schools. They focused on different skills and were aided by the children from the high school. We all had an amazing time!

People Who Help Us Topic Launch!

Week beginning 04/11/19

This week we started our new topic and to celebrate this the children came to school dressed up as what they would like to be when they are older! 

We had some amazing efforts and a great use of imagination. 

Can you look through these pictures and guess what we want to be?!

Design, make and improve! 

Week Beginning 04/11/19

This week we gave the children the challenge to create a Lego structure that looked like someone from a specific profession. These children created a police man (in blue) and a teacher with a foldable laptop! So much imagination! 


People Who Help Us!

Week Beginning 04/11/19

This term our new topic will be 'People Who Help us' - We will be learning about various professions and how they help others around them. If you feel comfortable in coming to talk to us about your profession then please come and speak to me on the door! 


On Friday 8th November children will be coming dressed up as what they want to be when they are older! 

Part-whole model

Week beginning 14/10/19

This week in maths we have been continuing our work on addition within 10. We have been using part whole models and then representing these as number sentences. We have also been making sure we are writing our numbers the right way around! We used lego to represent our numbers and we used dice as well to get us thinking a little deeper!

Letter writing

Week Beginning 14/10/19

This week we have been exploring writing in a letter format. The children have been writing their letters to children around the world. We included information about ourselves and questions which we wanted to ask the other children. We also included 'dear' and 'from'. 

Next we need to focus on our handwriting and presentation. 

A visit from our book buddies! 

Week beginning 07/10/19

We had a wonderful visit from our book buddies from Oak class! It was lovely to see the children working so well together and reading together. 

Continuous provision

Week beginning 07/09/19

This week we are continuing to have a geography focus, exploring animals, food and children from around the world. Here are some of the things that the children have been doing. 

- African Safari small world 

- Meals from around the world made from play dough 

- Writing a menu of different food from different cultures 

- Building letters and words out of Lego

Power Maths - Working systematically!

Week beginning 30/09/19

This activity used double sided counters, and we used whiteboards so that the children could write down their working out! 

We were flipping over the counters and writing the number sentence to go with the counters. E.G 2 red counters and 3 yellow counters would be 2+3 = 5

The children would then flip another counter over, which encouraged the children to work systematically. 

Continuous Provision 

Week Beginning 30/09/19

This week in our continuous provision we have been focusing on geography! Here are some of the activities that have been put out for the children this week.

- Flag making out of Lego 

- Creating their own continent map 

- Writing a letter to a child from another country

- Holiday evaluations in our Travel Agent role-play! 

Power Maths - Part Whole Model 

Week Beginning 23.09.19

This week in our power maths sessions we have been exploring the 'part-whole' model. This is where 2 parts make up the whole number. It is an excellent visual stimulus to support maths learning. We have been challenging the children to make whole number in various ways. E.G The whole number is 10 - what could the parts be? Can you show this in various ways? 

Have a look at the link above to practise some part whole model games at home! 

Continuous Provision - creating patterns

Week Beginning 23.09.19

One of the activities we had in our continuous provision areas was pattern making. We used Lego bricks and instructions to see if we could create various patterns. Children were also encouraged to create their own colour instructions to give to their friends. 

Exploring Forest School

Week Beginning 16.09.19

This week in Forest School we have been reminding children of the Forest School rules! These are - 

  • Walk around Forest School, don't run
  • Don't pick and eat anything
  • Sit on your bottom when you are by the stream 
  • Carry sticks behind you by dragging them on the floor

Don't forget that we have Forest School EVERY Monday!

Signs of Autumn Spotters!

Week beginning 16.09.19

This week in our continuous provision area we have gathered some nature that are showing signs of Autumn. We had pine cones, sticks, leaves and even some little critters that had made their way in from outside! The children had some time to explore these with magnifying glasses and the wrote down their findings on a whiteboard. An adult was around to record some of their thoughts on a post it note too! 

Congratulations Austin!

Week Beginning 16.09.19

Congratulations to Austin who won the presentation award because of his wonderful handwriting in his English work! 

Numbers within 10 

Week Beginning 11.09.19


This week will be looking at numbers within 10. We are exploring counting forwards, backwards and looking and 1 more and 1 less. Below is a way that a child showed how we could make 10 using various resources! Using resources in maths is an excellent way to deepen mathematical thinking. 

Our Learning Areas

Week Beginning 11.09.19


Even though the children have moved on from reception it is still essential that they are using their skills independently in continuous provision areas.


This week we have - 

- High frequency word making in kinetic sand

- Flag designing inspired from countries around the world 

- Writing a food menu for a seaside cafe

- Show numbers in various ways


Power Maths! - 06.09.19

We started right from the first day using our Power Maths resources! The children were really challenged using their tens frames and making different numbers in a range of ways. It was fantastic to see the children thinking deeply during these sessions, some gaining new knowledge and others building on knowledge that they already had. Keep up the hard work guys! 

Your World, My World! 


Welcome back to a new school year! We hope that you enjoyed your summer holidays, got to spend some time together and enjoy some time in the sunshine! 

Year 1 will be starting off the year with the topic 'Your World, My World' using a school wide stimulus; a book called 'Playground' by James Mollison. 

To start our topic we will be using pictures of playgrounds from around the world to help explore how everybody's lives are different. 

We thought that this would be a good topic to get to know your children better, and for them to get to know us and others in their class!


Click below to see some images from the book that we will be using as a whole school.

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