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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Cats (Spring 1 2020)



This week was really busy! We came to the end of our ‘My cat likes to hide in boxes’ topic with a visit to Japan, looking at The Imperial Palace and listening to Traditional Japanese music. We also created a variety of blues and made our work into ‘big blue fans’ just like the one the cat from Japan had. We counted in 2s, 5s and 10s using coins.


On Thursday we shared over 100 stories in school for World book Day and on Friday we rejoined our book buddies to create a story together.



We have had another busy week following our week off. ‘The cat from Berlin played the violin’ so this week we have visited Berlin and talked about the Berlin Wall. We also looked at the German flag and found Germany on the world map.


We enjoyed some book buddy time on Monday and we are really looking forward to sharing some reading and writing with them next week on World Book Day.


On Tuesday we held our whole school art day. Firstly we discussed the use of plastic and the damage it is doing within our world, especially to sea life. Then, following a collection period, we designed our jelly fish and used a range of plastic to create them. Our finished products were unique!


We have more week left of our current topic to visit Japan!



This week we have been to Brazil! We studied the Amazon Theatre and Cathedral Brasilia, comparing the materials they are made from, their purposes, ages size and capacity. We also looked carefully at the Brazilian flag.

We blended and segmented sounds to read and write words and sang lots of number songs where we were counting in a variety of ways.

The PTFA gave us lots of new games for wet play times and we learnt how to play them all. We worked hard at turn taking and sharing the equipment. We wrote the PTFA a thank you letter and can't wait until the next wet play time.


BUT..... the highlight of the week was making and tasting the Brazilian treat 'Brigadeiro'. With only 3 ingredients (butter, condensed milk and chocolate powder) it was very simple to make and very tasty to eat! It was our favourite tasting sessions out of all the countries we have visited so far. Lots of the children would like to try and make more during half term!


After a very busy half term we are all ready for a week off to clear the germs. Enjoy the week off everyone!



Sorry for the delay... here is a bumper two week overview (I had computer issues last week and was unable to upload photos!)


During the last 2 weeks we have visited Norway and Greece. We have compared the size, capacity, age, material and usage of the the Oslo Opera House and the Parthenon and built them with construction. We have identified the flags of each country and the traditional food they eat. Today we tasted tsatsiki. Most of us thought it tasted delicious and want our mums and dads to buy it to eat at home! We also sketched and coloured a symmetrical half of a traditional Greek vase when discussing halves.


Meanwhile we we have been word building through our phonics with sounds ‘ay’ ‘ee’ and ‘ar’, comparing and measuring heights of cats and counting in 10s.


As ‘the cat from Greece joined the police’ we discussed the role of the police and other people who look after us. We used our hand to identify these people and learnt that everyone else is a stranger and we would not go anywhere with them.


Last week we also attended the gym festival at Hanley Castle High School. We met lots of children from other local schools and took turns to take part in a variety of movement activities. Everyone had a very busy, active and fun time.





We have had a really busy week with our new topic 'Cats'. This week we visited France as 'The cat from France liked to sing and dance'. We learnt a few words and songs in French and found France on the world map. We found out that some of us had been to France. We researched facts about the Eiffel Tower and tried building this out of bricks. We also looked at some of the traditional foods that we could find in France and made some onion soup. We thought the onions and garlic smelt strong and made our eyes water! We also found out about Monet and tried to recreate his picture of 'Bridge over pond of water lilies'. 

Some of our literacy activities were writing facts and creating words that rhymed with 'ing'. In maths we were trying to write subtraction sentences accurately.


We have started a display of our cats so if you have a photo of your at please send it in.



Welcome back to the Spring Term! Ash Class have returned refreshed and eager to start their new topic 'Cats' and our special book for this topic is 'My Cat Likes To Hide In Boxes'. This week we have already talked about what we know about cats and discussed what we want to find out. We have started drawing cats and have been ordering numbers on cats beyond 20. We have also been looking at 3D shapes and investigating how many bricks we can fit into different size boxes.

Alongside the rest of the school our challenge this term is to see how many side jumps we can do in 30 seconds. We are already very good at this and we are looking forward to seeing how much we can improve by the end of the challenge.

We have brought home our first set of spelling homework this week. They are very simple words which we need to practise once each day to get us into a routine of doing our homework.

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