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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

Castles, Dragons and Witches (Summer 2019)


This week we focussed on 'Room on the Broom' and we played a room on the broom snakes and ladders and found rhyming words. However, our favourite part of the week was Kempsey Fest Friday where we joined in with a variety of activities. We loved making chocolate banana boats over the fire in Forest School!


It is unbelieveable to think we have nearly finished our first year in school....



Our focus this week was our class assembly. Thank you all so much for taking the time to come and watch us.... twice in many cases! We are so proud of the children for speaking up so clearly to such a large audience.


We really don't know how we managed to fit so much into this week!

On Monday, we spotted that our ladybird larvae had changed and were already turning into beautiful black ladybirds with yellow spots. There were so many of them under the trees that border forest school!

On Tuesday we had a visit from the bird man who brought with him a harrier falcon, a peregrine falcon, a bald eagle and a barn owl. We really enjoyed hearing their squeaks and squawks and watching them fly low over our heads.

On Wednesday we enjoyed a phonic morning where we realised how much we had learned about reading and writing since we started school. We also had a letter from T-T telling us he had heard we were thinking about dragons and wondering if we knew they breathed fire. He wanted to know that we understood how to stay safe at school if a fire broke out. We wrote back to T-T so that he didn't worry.

On Thursday we played games where we had to count the right amount to buy a stamp to send a letter to a dragon. Our stamps were from different countries so that we could write to dragons across the world. We also asked Mrs Baynes if we could find out if everyone knew how to stay safe in a fire by organising a fire drill. (And asking if we could have a dragon as a pet) She said yes to both!

On Friday we created a whole school fire alarm and we set up a pretend fire to make classes think about their exit plans. We compared which methods for timing people getting out of the building were the most accurate. 

We need a rest this weekend!


We started this week with a session in forest school where we found lots and lots of little yellow/ orange and black insects. When we researched what these were we found out that they are actually ladybird larve which is interesting because a couple of weeks ago our forest school was full of ladybirds. By the time we return next week we hope to see them in their pupal stage.


This week we also drew clock shapes on the playground floor and used our bodies to be the hands of the clock, making times to the hour and half past. We continued a time theme through our 'Dragon Game' where we had to complete an addition or subtraction sum with dice, move that amount of spaces on the hundred square, pick the odd/ even card and make the time shown in words on our clock. It involved a lot of concentration to remember the different things to do!


We also revised the days of the week by singing a song and writing about what we would do with a dragon on each day.


(Please remember next week is walk to school week.)


Our book this week "The Egg" led us into discussions about our favourite bedtime stories and people and items which are precious to us. We also practised writing our numbers in the sand and making them with number fans, adding and subtracting using dice in our Prince Biffer Game and making amounts accurately. We were really good at taking turns and sharing equipment with our friends.


We also tried to copy the princesses and princes dancing in "Disney Just Dance" songs (you can find these on YouTube). We found we were not just good at dancing but fantastic at singing the songs also!


Alongside many other activities we looked at work by the artist Paul Klee this week, especially his 'Castle and Sun' piece. The children used oil pastels to create their own castles in a similar style.


As another half term closes we reflect on yet another very busy week. We have concentrated on the book ‘Prince Biffer’ and we looked at what we have done that we are proud of alongside many other things. On Tuesday the children looked beautiful in their party clothes and as a school we raised over£300!


Today we also had a very successful maths day where we created games and activities with a maths focus from the book ‘How much does a ladybird weigh?’. We took some of the animals and insects from this story and looked at symmetry, division, money and placing numbers on a 100 square.



Some of the activities we have enjoyed this week we have involved making amounts using a variety of coins in a variety of ways, writting instructions in the correct order and creating our own version of the Knight"s Code. We experimented by putting a raisin from the castle stores into tonic water and it danced around to our excited squeals, On Thursday the Year 5s came and read stories they had written to us and we decorated our shields. Then on Friday we dressed as princes and princesses to hold the Kempsey Cafe with Oak Class.  It has been a really busy week and we are ready for the weekend!



This week we went to Warwick Castle. Despite a few rain showers we had an amazing day. We looked around the inside of the castle and especially enjoyed looking at the armour and an enormous porridge pot. We then watched an incredible birds of prey display where the birds flew so low over our heads and a  Bowman who could shoot the arrows on target so quickly. We helped him do this by giving him instructions in the correct order.


During he afternoon  we met a 'princess' in the mill who told us a story and we designed our shields. Then we went under the castle where it was very dark. We saw where the workers washed the clothes and prepared the horses. We could see for miles when we reached the top of the mound. Although we were exhausted from walking around all day we still had enough energy before we went back to the coach to run up the hill and then roll back down. We had so much fun we all want to go again!


This week the children have researched and recorded facts about castles, they have built castles using a variety of construction and re-ordered stories using the vocabulary first, next, after and last. In maths the children ordered numbers on castles and counted in 2s, 5s and 10s.


We are really looking forward to our trip to Warwick Castle next week!


Welcome back to the Summer Term and a new topic!  We are really looking forward to many activities we have planned especially our trip to Warwick Castle. Please keep popping back to this page to see weekly updates of how we are getting on. Click on the following link to see some examples of the learning we will cover this term.

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