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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!

The Curriculum Spring Term

Arctic Adventures

Arctic Adventures 1
Our topic, Arctic Adventures began with the children working together to create a new class display. The children had the opportunity to look at images, share their topic vocabulary and begin to make some decisions about what the Arctic could be like. 

Children's Setting Descriptions

The last day of the half term involved the children from Beech and Sycamore hosting a Kempsey Cafe. Each class has a turn at hosting a cafe at some point during the year. Members of the community are invited in to share cake and a drink, plus talk to the children about their learning. 

Kempsey Cafe hosted by Beech and Sycamore

The culmination of our topic, The Great Fire of London, took place in the hall. We invited parents into our museum to look through all the different things the children had been doing. This ranged from: tasting bread the children had made, playing London's Burning on the glockenspiel, looking at their monuments and power points plus reading work in their books. It was a lovely way to end our topic. At the end of the afternoon, the children gave a performance of September 1666. This is a song that the children had been learning that included sign language. Unfortunately the file is too large to download, but do click on the You Tube link to see the original song. 

Great Fire of London Museum

The children have looked at poetry, diary entries and letter writing during the topic.  
The children read the first three verses of the poem by Paul Perro. After planning the rest of the verses, they chose an idea and wrote their own verse. Once this had been done, they copied out the first three verses, and their own, plus two more from the class. The main focus was to make sure their poem was in the correct order and told the story accurately. 

Poetry Inspired by Paul Perro and The Great Fire of London

Poetry Inspired by Paul Perro and The Great Fire of London 1
Poetry Inspired by Paul Perro and The Great Fire of London 2
Poetry Inspired by Paul Perro and The Great Fire of London 3

Diary Writing

Diary Writing 1
Diary Writing 2
Diary Writing 3
Diary Writing 4
Diary Writing 5
Diary Writing 6

A selection of the books that we have read during the topic.

A selection of the books that we have read during the topic. 1

Firefighter Visit

Firefighter Visit 1
Firefighter Visit 2
Firefighter Visit 3
Firefighter Visit 4
Charlie's dad came into school and talked about his job. He explained how the firefighting job has changed over the years and he made links back to firefighting during the Great Fire of London. He also talked to the children about being safe: having an escape route out of a house and what to do in an emergency. They ended by asking him a variety of interesting questions; many to do with the safety of pets. 

Great Fire of London Monuments

Great Fire of London Monuments 1
Great Fire of London Monuments 2


Sketching 1
Sketching 2
Sketching 3
Sketching 4
Sketching 5
Sketching 6
Sketching 7
Sketching 8
Sketching 9
The children have been exploring the different textures and tones that can be made using sketching pencils. We have put these skills to good use by completing pictures of either King Charles II or Samuel Pepys, plus drawings of the Great Fire of London monument. 


During the first part of the spring term the children in Beech will be working on their gymnastics. This will be a joint venture with Mr Hands and Mr Gadsby. Here are some pictures of the children's first lesson. In the lesson they were exploring travelling on the floor as well as on the mats and benches. 

New Topic: The Great Fire of London

New Topic: The Great Fire of London 1
New Topic: The Great Fire of London 2
New Topic: The Great Fire of London 3
New Topic: The Great Fire of London 4
New Topic: The Great Fire of London 5
New Topic: The Great Fire of London 6

Beech and Cedar classes went into forest school to crack the code. The children had to find the clues hidden in forest school. Each number clue represented a letter. They put these together to create a sentence. It read:

Dear Diary

I can see the blaze in the distance. But I do not need to worry because it won't reach my house.

Samuel Pepys.

Harnaam Kaur

Harnaam Kaur 1
Harnaam Kaur 2
Harnaam Kaur 3
We began 2019 with a visit from Hanaam Kaur. We used this opportunity to celebrate all our differences, whether it is our appearance or our personality. Harnaam talked about her struggles growing up. It was an inspirational morning and a great way to begin the new year.
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