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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!


Welcome to Redwood!



The redwood tree is a magnificent, tall tree from North America. When an old Redwood tree dies or is cut down, a new one sprouts from its roots. The roots of the redwood never die. The redwood tree is a symbol of forever; legend believes it is a great teacher. If you sit beneath the branches of the redwood tree, you will hear the whispers of ancient wisdom.


We hope that the children in Redwood Class will have a magnificent year, perhaps their best year at KPS! For some of the children in this class, it will be their last year at KPS but we hope that what they learn this year will stay with them forever and that what they learn this year will send down roots for forever learning.


Redwood Class is a mixed Year 5 and 6 class. It is taught by Miss Underwood, Mrs Curtis and Mrs Bennett. 

Production update 02/07/18

Year 6 have been working incredibly hard in preparation for their end of year production 'Pirates of the Currybean'. We have our final rehearsals this week, to polish our acting, ready for the performances next week. Wish us luck!





Maths finding multiple solutions problem solving - how many combinations of 15 coins can you find to create £1? 29/06/2018

Year 6 poetry inspired by 'Budapest' by Billy Collins (engaging the reader with personification) 28/06/2018

Year 6 poetry inspired by 'Budapest' by Billy Collins (engaging the reader with personification) 28/06/2018 1
Year 6 poetry inspired by 'Budapest' by Billy Collins (engaging the reader with personification) 28/06/2018 2

Fibonacci sequences 05/06/2018

Following independent research homework, we have been exploring Fibonacci's mathematical sequences this week. We looked at the relationships between the numbers in his sequence, where this occurs in nature (such as in snail shells and flowers) and how we could represent this visually. See our slideshow below!



Fibonacci spirals 05/06/2018

University theatre trip to see 'Haroun and the Sea of Stories' 23/05/2018

University theatre trip to see 'Haroun and the Sea of Stories' 23/05/2018 1

Designing and costing our own theme parks in maths 22/05/2018

Creating our phone cases in DT - 18/05/2018

Congratulations Year 6! 

We would like to say how very proud we are of our Year 6s; they have really impressed us with their approach to the SATs this week. They have worked so hard. Whatever the results are, we know that we are sending a great group of children on to high school, with a range of talents and skills that can not possibly be recognised in a series of formal tests.

Sewing skills 15/05/2018

Sewing skills 15/05/2018 1
Sewing skills 15/05/2018 2
Sewing skills 15/05/2018 3
Sewing skills 15/05/2018 4
Sewing skills 15/05/2018 5

DT Textiles Project - Summer 2018


Year 6 have started an exciting project, creating their own phone cases. We have conducted research into what makes an effective product and have used this to develop our own ideas. 

Kwik Cricket - PE 15/05/2018


Good luck to all of Year 6 this week! You have worked incredibly hard in preparation, now keep calm and do your best. From Miss Underwood, Mr Willetts and Mrs Curtissmiley



Handshake Challenge! 11/5/18


Today, in Maths, we posed the problem 'if everybody in the class shook hands only once, how many handshakes would have been shaken?'


The children reasoned and problem solved, to eventually find the formula:



Following this, they calculated the number of handshakes in: the whole school, Worcester, Worcestershire and across the whole world!

Handshake Challenge! 11/05/2018

PE 1/5/2018 - an introduction to batting and fielding

'SPAG Relay' 23/04/18


Year 6 took advantage of the warmer weather and completed a SPAG paper relay race. Workng in groups of four, the children took it in turns to retrieve a test question, which the group worked together to complete, before moving onto the next question.


"The questions were scattered across the field and in groups of four we took turns at collecting them."


"After we answered a question we had to check if they were correct, if they were we could race to get the next question."


"It was a more exciting way of practising for our SATS!"

SPAG Relay Race

Exploring Angles Through Art


We were inspired by the artist Wassily Kandinski (1866-1944) to create our own pieces of artwork, demonstrating our understanding of angles. Working in groups, the children worked to a success criteria which included: perpendicular angles, opposite angles, specified measurements and more. They then set questions for other groups to challenge them to identify the mathematical features within their creations.

Kandinsky Art

Charity Week - Worcester Foodbank collection



During Charity Week (29th January - 1st February 2018) Redwood and Willow class hosted a collection for Worcester Foodbank after school. Following some research about the charity, the classes wrote persuasive letters which were sent home to parents. These letters provided details of: time, location and specific items needed/not needed. Look at the donations we received! Well done to all of the children for their hard work.

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