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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!


Welcome to Oak class!


The mighty Oak tree is a symbol of courage, strength of character and power. It stands string through all things. Legend has it that the Oak tree is the most powerful of all trees. It is a strong and wise tree.


Like the tree, we hope the children in Oak class are strong and courageous in their learning this year and that they, too, are a powerful force in our school. So far, our class of year 4 and 5 children have shown to be enthusiastic, resilient and determined learners as well as thoughtful, kind young people!


Miss Graham and Mrs Cooke

Picture 1

Key Stage 2 Summer Disco!

Wednesday 18th July 2018: 5.00-6.00pm

There is a charge of £1.50 for entrance and a selection of sweets and chocolate will be available to buy. Prices of these will range from 5p to £1. Squash and water will be provided for free. We will also be doing glitter tattoos from 50p a go. Summer leis, lucky dip and inflatables will also be on sale from between 30p-£2.


KS2 children can be dropped off and collected from the school playground if the weather is nice or the school hall if not.

16th July 2018

Today, the children finished off making their boats, based on the ship 'The Endurance' which is the vessel Sir Ernest Shackleton used on his expedition to the Antarctic. The children have worked exceptionally hard on these (as you can see) and they have produced some fantastic pieces of design and technology. They had to think about shape, structure and size as well as what parts the ship would need including sails and an anchor.

A Wedding Breakfast to Remember!

13th July 2018

Today, we celebrated the marriages of Mr Willetts, Miss Jessop and Mrs Webster with a wedding breakfast and a dance festival. The children were all incredible and Oak class performed their own version of 'The Hakka' - we translated our own words into Maori which we then incorporated into our dance. We were very proud of them and they should certainly be proud of themselves!

12th July 2018

Today, the children took part in re-enacting scenarios based around our latest English work. We have been writing diary entries as a young person who is living in Kempsey pre-WW1 and then just as the war starts. The children really thought about emotion and facial expression as well as body language to convey their meaning. Well done, Oak!

The children (and staff) had a wonderful, sunny day at the seaside where we played frisbee, looked at a stunning array of sea life a the aquarium, gobbled up fish and chips (whilst fighting off the seagulls) and having a sandcastle competition! We had a very busy day and the children behaved fantastically - they made Kempsey proud!



This week, the whole school have welcomed iSingPop into Kempsey to sing and dance to a variety of pop songs! The children have shown great enthusiasm and have listened well to the songs. We are very much looking forward to recording our own CD as well as performing in a concert next Tuesday.


The children have the availability to by an iSingPop t-shirt either before the evening concert or afterwards and they are allowed to wear this t-shirt at the evening concert. If not, a bright coloured t-shirt should be worn.


It's proving to be an exciting, jam-packed week and it's only Wednesday!

Monday's Trip to Weston-Super-Mare

2nd July 2018

We are very much looking forward to our trip on Monday and we are hoping to have some wonderful sunshine! The children will be provided with a seaside lunch, which I am sure they will enjoy. The coach will be leaving at 8.30am and we will be back by 5.00pm.


The children will need to bring snacks with them as well plenty of drink, which should be brought in a backpack. Suitable clothing should be worn and sun tan lotion should be packed with them if needed. As well as this, the children can bring NO MORE than £5 spending money.


"Oh I do like to be beside the seaside...!"

Language Festival!

29th June 2018

Our year 4's are off to the Language Festival today - they have been very much looking forward to it all week! There are plenty of events going on and we look forward to hearing about the vast number of languages they have looked at over the course of the day!

Let Them Sing!

27th June 2018

On Wednesday, the whole school was involved in a singing assembly and everyone did fantastically. The children in Oak decided that they would like to sing 'This Is Me' and they really shone! Many staff members have commented on how beautifully they sang and the enthusiasm they showed...well done, Oak!

Preparing for our Stand Up To Cancer cafe!

21st June 2018


This afternoon, Oak class have been having a productive afternoon getting ready for the Stand Up To Cancer cafe that is being held on Monday next week. The children have gotten really creative and have made some beautiful centre pieces that they should be very proud of!

21st June 2018


Today we have been searching for angles in our playground! The children were looking for acute, right, obtuse and reflex angles in a variety of objects that we come across daily. We found angles in the windows, hop-scotch, posts and even found right angled triangles on a game on the playground!


We discussed about why we would need to learn about angles and how we can use them in everyday life. The jobs we came up with that require understanding about angles were:

* builder

* architect

* designer

* interior designer

* anyone who may want to do a bit of DIY!


We had a great, productive morning and the children worked exceptionally hard!

8th June 2018


This afternoon, the children went outside to play some rounders. We created two separate games and allocated children to start by fielding, batting or bowling. The children spoke about working as a team as well as encouraging their team mates - they all played extremely well and tried to bank as many rounders as they could!

Our Haiku Poems

Our Haiku Poems 1

8th June 2018


This week, in English, we have been exploring what a Haiku poem is and what makes it so unique. We have started our new topic, Our Planet, and have based our poems around the environment and what plastic is doing to hinder and endanger our wildlife.


The quality of these poems has been fantastic and the children have worked exceptionally hard. We were so pleased with our finished pieces, that we asked Mrs Baynes to come and listen to them this afternoon!


Well done to Oak class!

Kitty's Topic Success!

8th June 2018


Kitty has worked extremely hard on her homework for our 'Young Entrepreneurs' topic, which we taught last half term. The quality and dedication to this homework has been absolutely fantastic - the headteacher's reward was well deserved!


Well done Kitty!

A very warm welcome back after the half term - we hope you all had a wonderful week having enjoyed some sunshine! We have got a jam-packed few weeks and are keen to get started!

25th May 2018


Today has been a very busy one for all of the children in Oak class. We have had a fantastic day hosting the Kempsey Cafe, alongside Elm class, where many of our Kempsey residents came to have some delicious cake (kindly made by many of our parents'), some drinks, a good old natter and some entertainment! The children did a fantastic job!


As well as this, we had our afternoon where the children from Oak and Willow showcased their many talents and achievements with their 'Young Entrepreneurs' topic. The level of dedication and enthusiasm that went into their creations was phenomenal and we are so proud of them all! We hope you are too!


Pictures of the Kempsey cafe is to follow!

Getting Topic ready!

24th May 2018 - the children have been working extremely hard this afternoon on their Topic work, which they are all really excited to show you tomorrow! They really have thought about their businesses and what they are passionate about, which ranges from cakes to teddies to t-shirts. The variety of creation has been incredible and I am proud of Oak for all their hard work and perseverance!

Our Science and Maths talk!

24th May 2018 - today we had a visit from two gentleman who explained some fascinating Maths and Science facts and how this is heavily linked with Malvern! It was very interesting to find out what has happened right outside our front door over the years!

Our Science Lesson!

Week ending 18th May 2018:

The children have had a jam-packed week this week, where we have taken part in a great PE session as well as worked well as a team in our Science lesson!

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