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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!


Welcome to Maple!

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Maple trees are glorious trees which come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Each tree is unique, much like the children in Maple Class. We nurture everybody's abilities because we understand children's differences. A very warm welcome to the Maple Class page! Please check this page regularly to see photos and examples of some of the fantastic work and activities pupils have completed in class. Use the stars below to find out more information regarding homework and class letters. We look forward to this year and cannot wait to work alongside the children!

Mr Dalton and Miss Greenwood.

The children had a lovely day at the pantomime where they saw 'Maid Marian and her Merry Men'. It was a fantastic performances with lots of funny moments. The children enjoyed joining in with the performance and some of the songs. It was particularly memorable for Mr Dalton who got a big, sloppy kiss from Dame Ginny! 
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This week, we have received two very special visitors who have been sent by Santa. We arrived on Monday to find two elves! We soon realised that we had one very nice elf and one very naughty one. The children had the task of naming the two elves. They named the good elf 'Keith Osborne' and the naughty elf 'Shadow'. As you can see, they've already been up to some mischief in the classroom. 
Wow, what a day! Where do I begin? Firstly, we received a special, golden letter from Willy Wonka. It told us that he was in a bit of a pickle. His Oompa-Loompas had gone on strike and he needed to set up a chocolate museum. Fortunately, the children of year 3/4 were on hand to step in. Throughout the day, we created our own chocolate bars, using a range of ingredients to add. We set it in moulds and whilst they were cooling down, we designed and created our wrappers. Finally, we wrote our instructions for the Oompa-Loompas so they knew how they could make the chocolate bars. At the end of the day, we went to the hall and set up our chocolate museum which the rest of the school visited. All in all, it was an extremely fun filled day and the children loved making their own chocolate!
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In maths this week, we are looking at fractions of amounts. The children have looked at using equipment to support their understanding of fractions. They needed to use their knowledge of division and multiplication to assist them. We divide by the denominator and then multiply the answer by the numerator.


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We are currently looking at diary entries in English. The children are having to imagine that they are Charlie Bucket from Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In order to help them see things from Charlie's point of view, we did a hot seating exercise which helped the children deepen their thinking in terms of self-reflection. Take a look at an example of hot seating.

Hot Seating

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This week in PE we got the apparatus out. It was very exciting and the children learnt how to move and setup the apparatus safely and effectively. We then traveled along the apparatus in various ways, using the various jumps, balances and rolls we had learnt in previous weeks to create well presented pieces. 
We had a great time on our trip to the infirmary for the beeline storytelling event at Worcester university. The children got to meet Steve Cole, who has written some fantastic children's books. We learnt a lot about the old hospital as well and the children even got the chance to dress up as doctors. All in all, a very fun and worthwhile trip!
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In English we are beginning to develop our own biographies all about the life of Steve Jobs. In order to write our biographies we needed to conduct research and put our findings in chronological order. We watched an animation which told us all about his life. Using our note taking skills we were able to write down the key moments in his life. We then used a timeline to put our notes in chronological order and we are now ready to begin writing some amazing biographies!

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In science this week we continued our exploration into circuits. We looked at conductors and insulators, the children are now experts! They spent a short time getting to grips with the definitions which are as follows:


Conductor - allows an electrical current (electrons) to pass through it.


Insulator - does not allow an electrical current (electrons) to pass through it.


We explored whether certain items around the rooms were conductors or insulators and explored the properties of each of them. As you can see from the photos below the pinecone is an insulator and the fan cage was a conductor.

Picture 1
Picture 2
This week in maths we have turned our attention to subtraction. The children have been exploring different ways of subtracting including: number lines, using dienes and column subtraction. We all worked really hard to understand this tricky area of maths but with our resilient attitude we all have learnt some new effective ways of subtracting. 
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French song - numbers 1-10

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In French this week we were learning the numbers 1-10. Madame Lily played us a fantastic song to help us remember them. The song helped us count forwards and backwards and the children loved it, have a watch to see how well the children did with it.

Nonsense poems

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As a whole year 3/4 cohort we looked at a nonsense poem called 'The Ning Nang Nong' by Spike Milligan. We had a lot of fun reciting this poem and gave each class a different part of the poem to read. You can hear our performance in the video above.
In PE we have been putting together all that we have been learning over the last few weeks and creating sequences. We included two balances, one jump and one roll. We needed to ensure we presented it professionally by putting our arms straight up in the air at the start and the end of our sequence. Watch the below, it was an excellent example!
This week in active 10 we had coits. We have had a lot of fun playing a number of games with the coits. Miss Greenwood kindly brought in something she had made at home which allowed the children to play a carnival style ring toss game. We also drew a target on the playground and used our aiming skills to try and score the most points possible. 
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We are excited to announce our new topic. We have finished exploring 'Our Rights' and we are now looking at 'Young Entrepreneurs'! We will be discovering a lot more about entrepreneurship within a number of our lessons.

Last week we had a very special visitor in the form of Mrs Walters, our class governor. 

She came to see how our amazing businesses were coming along. She was very excited to receive an invitation to the final sale of the products. This lesson, we focused on conducting market research. We went to different classes to find out how many children would be interested in buying our products because if nobody wanted to buy our products, we wouldn't be very successful as young entrepreneurs. 

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To help with our understanding of personification we watched this video. The children loved it and found it really supportive. We hope you enjoy!

In English we have been looking at poetry. We read a fantastic poem called Budapest. It had a lot of description, mostly in the form of personification. We are now in the process of writing our own poems. We had an image that we needed to describe using amazing adjectives and personification. What personification can you think of for this image of Times Square? You can use some of the children's amazing ideas to help you.
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At the start of this year Mr Matthews (a PE specialist from Hanley Castle) introduced a new concept to the whole of Kempsey Primary School, Active 10. This is where the children spend 10 minutes doing an activity in order to engage their brains and bodies ready for the day. We have a new box of equipment each week which we play games or complete tasks with every. Previously, we have had frisbees and carpet tiles. This week we have got ankle swing balls and scoop ball sets. We have had lots of fun exploring how to use this equipment. 
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We are excited to announce that at Kemspey we are undergoing some exciting CPD in the area of PE. This comes in  the form of a collaborative approach to delivering lessons with Mr Gadsby being our helper, you may have heard your children mention him. With his help we have been learning some fantastic gymnastics techniques. So far we have explored balances, jumps and this week we looked at rolls. 


Starting with the teddy bear roll, we slowly built our confidence up until eventually we were able to perform a forward roll. Have a look at some of our photos! 

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Picture 3

PE teddy bear rolls

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Maddi was used to demonstrate her excellent teddy bear roll.

On Friday afternoons we will be exploring skills outside of the curriculum. For this half term the whole year group has an assignment: to create their own business and sell products at the end of the half term. The children learnt about the importance of advertising and created their own advertising posters in their newly formed business groups. 


The businesses were named as follows:


Pizza Palace - who will be selling pizza

TGFC WOMM - who will be selling milkshakes

Chinvillas - Who will be selling ice cream

The Champions - who will be selling sweets

Hungry Dragons - who will be selling cakes 

Super Drinks - who will be selling drinks


We will be in touch with more information about this in due course. 

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In English, our letters have been completed and we look forward to welcoming our very own version of the UN President to school tomorrow in order to answer some of of questions. In the meantime, each group elected a president and two vice presidents, these will put their groups points forward and try their hardest to persuade the UN President to make a change. The election was done in a very grown up manner by the children.
In science this week the children have been looking at circuits. We needed to explore some of the basics of electricity first and did this by exploring the school and finding items than an off electricity. We then drew and made our own circuits which were all fantastic! Check them out below.
Picture 1

Meanwhile in maths, we have been exploring a whole range of topics, including:

  • Place value
  • Rounding
  • Ordering and comparing
  • Estimation
  • Roman Numerals - in this lesson there was a secret code we needed to crack using Roman numeral clues around the room. I enjoyed seeing the children's reaction to the code!


Please have a look at the photos of some of the children's amazing work!

We got into groups and combined with Oak and Laurel class to discuss what action should be taken to ensure that all children's equal rights were exercised. The outcome was that we should all write a persuasive letter to the United Nations to get them to help.

Last week, the children came to school to realise things weren't quite right. Some tables were missing, some chairs were missing, some pencils had been replaced with short and blunt ones and one table had scrunched up paper to work with.


It was soon explained that we were exploring children's rights. They were shocked to learn that some children in other, less fortunate countries had to live in these conditions every day! The children decided this was not fair so action needed to be taken!

Hello, and welcome to the Maple class page for the 2018/2019 school year. Now that we are a couple of weeks in and the dust has settled we are well underway with lots of exciting projects. The children would be more than happy to tell you all about what we have been doing, I'm sure! Keep an eye on this page for updates regarding what we have been doing. Please also feel free to catch me in a morning or after school if there is anything you wish to discuss. Miss Greenwood is also happy to help. I cannot wait to share with you all the exciting things we have got coming up this year. I look forward to getting to know you all over the year.


Mr Dalton and Miss Greenwood.

School Year 2017-18

Electricity, 6th July 2018

Poetry in Maple

Can't stop the feeling! 3rd July 2018

Still image for this video
Maple have been rehearsing our dance routine and have even added our own 'freestyle' section this week. The children will be performing their dance as part of the Dance Festival on 13th July, which will follow our whole school wedding breakfast to celebrate our three staff weddings this year. Here is a sneak preview...

Boogie gloop - liquid or solid? 28th June 2018

The Great Kempsey Bake Off!


In Maple class, our classroom transformed into our very own 'Great Kempsey Bake Off' for our maths lesson focusing on grams and Kilograms. Children were set a technical challenge of making their very own scrumptious chocolate chic muffins following a recipe provided. As time ticked by, the children persevered weighing out ingredients, sharing roles, using that elbow grease to stir the ingredients together and ensuring that they made that perfect muffin mixture. As the technical challenge got fierce between teams, our very own Merry Berry (Mrs Wallis) and Paul Hollywood (Mrs Baynes) used their impeccable muffin knowledge to judge these delicious muffins. After much deliberation, our runners up were the cookie monsters, cooking cats and cooking masters! In 2nd place we had the delightful muffin masters! In 1st place we had our very own future professional bakers, the master chefs presenting a well rounded, tasty and irresistible chocolate chic muffin. Well done Maple Class!

The Great Kempsey Bake Off! 13th June 2018

Design and Technology in Maple


As part of our topic 'Different Places, Similar Lives' Maple were given a problem solving task - to imagine they live in a remote part of the world where there are no roads and no means of transport. The children were asked to find ways of getting the items from A to B (a distance of four metres) by pushing, pulling, sliding, etc. Using the available materials, they were challenged to come up with different solutions to the problem. Pupils showed great creativity for example, buckets of water were tipped down a pipe into another bucket and pupils also used their knowledge of how the Ancient Egyptians transported materials to build their pyramids from our previous topic!


We even demonstrated our finished designs to Ash and Chestnut classes!

Transporting items using our own designs, 15th May 2018

Y4 Computing - using coding to create games, 10th May 2018

Maple fractions museum exhibits, 9th May

Y3 Science - Investigating Friction


Over the last two weeks, Y3 have been finding out all about friction and what types of surfaces have the least friction and the most friction. This week, the children carried out a jelly chopsticks experiement making predictions about whether they would be able to move the jelly faster with or without adding oil, using their exisiting knowledge about friction, how it helps us get a better grip on objects and what might minimise friction.

Jelly chopsticks experiment, 4th May 2018

Maple PE - Team games and ball skills

As well as practicising and applying different passing skills in PE we are also focusing on sportsmanship in our lessons with pupils showing good teamwork and communication receiving raffle tickets for our weekly prize draw!

Netball skills, 30th April 2018

As part of our new topic ‘Different Places, Similar Lives’, the children have also researched and compared different religious festivals from around the world this week.


Religious festivals around the world

Nature walk, Science Thursday 19th April 2018


17th April 2018


We hope you have had a good Easter break. This week the children will be discovering a modern fairy tale by Carol Ann Duffy - The Princess' Blankets and thinking about how it compares with more traditional fairy tales.






Sound experiments! Visit from Mrs. Navabpour for our Science topic, March 2018

Money makes the world go round topic homework - February 2018

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