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Kempsey Primary School

To learn with respect and belief; to challenge, create and dream!


Welcome to a new year in Cedar Class!


Welcome to our class page, a place where you can find out what we have been learning! 

Remember, you are always welcome to come and visit out classroom, to see what we have been learning or to hear us read. 


From Mrs Crosby and Miss O'Neill 


St Mary's Church Visit

Year 1 and 2 were lucky enough to take a visit to St Mary's Church. Reverend Badger gave the children a talk about different parts of the church. The children then completed an eye-spy activity in mixed groups. They even heard the organ being played! 

Detective work around Kempsey

We really enjoyed our walk to the grounds around the church. We observed man made and natural elements of the environment, sketched the church and observed what we could see on the horizon. It was lovely to work with our friends from different classes too! 

Year 2 Gym Festival

Our children had an amazing time at the gym festival at Hanley Castle High School. The children were split in to teams where they then had an opportunity to practise many gymnastic skills. We were so impressed with how much they could do! 

Poppy field writing 

This week the children have been using the video below to write a narrative in first person. The children focused on how the characters were feeling in the story and used adjectives to describe these feelings. Some children really challenged themselves and used a dictionary to support their spellings. 

100 Year Remembrance Celebrations

The children have been working really hard on their work on remembrance this week. They have learnt all about the symbol of the poppy, created their own poppy artwork and have focused on the feelings of characters in their written work. 

We created a beautiful display from all of their excellent artwork. 

Picture 1

Remember, remember the 5th of November..... 

We started the week by exploring the reason behind the firework celebrations on the 5th of November. The children learnt all about the plot planned by Guy Fawkes and we ended the day by creating some firework artwork! 


Picture 1

"Poppies" on CBeebies - Children's Remembrance Day 2 Minutes' Silence Alternative

At the beginning of next term we will be using this video to help support the children's writing and ideas on remembrance.

A New Adventure for Detective Dog! 

This week we have been writing a narrative to send Detective Dog on a new adventure. The children created maps of the journey that Detective Dog would go on. This really helped the children visualise where their story was going. 

Picture 1

The Detective Dog! 

This week we have been reading the 'Detective Dog', who is helping the children get their books back! Cedar class wrote letters as the character of Detective Dog....some of them really made us smile! 

Active 10 - Hula Hoops

The children have been really enjoying their active 10 this week! We have been using the hoops to hula, throw and catch and skip through. It is really helping the children to focus early in the morning. 



Greater than, less than and equals to

This week we have been exploring the signs <   >    and = 

We described = as 'the same as' 

Children were using resources to make correct equations. 

The children loved using the resources!! 

Our Active Number Bonds

Wherever we can we try to keep our learning as active as possible. To practise our number bonds we worked in pairs using numicon to make pairs of numbers.

Remember knowing number bonds to 10 off by heart is a really important skill, so practise a lot at home! 

See below some websites that can help you practise. 

Picture 1
Picture 2

2017 - 2018 Below

Our New Class Bears!

Our New Class Bears! 1
Our New Class Bears! 2

For our new topic 'The Stories That People Tell', we introduced our classes to their new class bear. Cedar's class bear is named 'George'. The children love dressing him and taking him to P.E and Forest School. They have also been reading to him and sharing their great work with him too! 

Countries Day

Countries Day 1
Countries Day 2

Cedar, Beech and Elm class had a fantastic day during our countries day. The children were really brave in trying new food from around the world. They tried biltong and 'Koeksisters' from South Africa and olives from Italy (which didn't go down well at all!). 

We hope the children were buzzing about the day when they came home from school. 

Cedar and Beech P.E! 


Cedar and Beech mixed up again for P.E and we enjoyed some throwing and jumping activities. We used the javelins and practised shot-put with tennis balls. The children worked hard to aim and throw precisely. 

Jumping Jelly Beans in PE!

Cotswold Wildlife Park! 20/04/18

Cotswold Wildlife Park! 20/04/18 1
Cotswold Wildlife Park! 20/04/18 2
Cotswold Wildlife Park! 20/04/18 3
Cotswold Wildlife Park! 20/04/18 4
Cotswold Wildlife Park! 20/04/18 5
Cotswold Wildlife Park! 20/04/18 6
Cotswold Wildlife Park! 20/04/18 7


We had an absolutely brilliant time at the Cotswold Wildlife Park! We made a plan of what we wanted to see and we went around together and saw so many different kinds of animals! 

Fun in Forest School! 26/04/18

Fun in Forest School! 26/04/18 1 We asked the children to create restaurants
Fun in Forest School! 26/04/18 2 These two made gloopy mud snacks!

Doctors and Nurses Day

Doctors and Nurses Day 1
Doctors and Nurses Day 2

Ks1 Doctors and Nurses Day

To culminate our topic on Florence Nightingale we had a Doctors and Nurses dress up day! The children were mixed into groups from Beech, Cedar and Elm and they took part in a range of different activities. They had a drama session, focusing on the thoughts and feelings of Florence and the soldiers in the Crimean War. They took part in a first aid session, learning some basic lifesaving skills. They explored their pulse and heart beats with stethoscopes and they became x-ray detectives to find out which part of the bodies were visible in the real life x-rays! The children had a fantastic day and they looked great in their costumes!

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